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4 Day Work Week in Australia

Although employees in Australia typically work five days a week, in August 2022, Australia began a four day work week pilot program across twenty companies.

The pilot will last for six months and employees will work 80% of their usual hours with no pay reduction. In exchange, workers have committed to maintain the same level of productivity they had before the pilot. A wide range of companies are being included in the pilot, all the way from “finance to fashion.”

The program is organized by a non-profit organization called 4 Day Week Global, which is also overseeing pilots in the UK and New Zealand.

Working Hours in Australia

Typical working hours in Australia vary by occupation and industry. But on average, the Australian working week is 36 hours, Monday through Friday.

For trade occupations, the work day is usually from 7 AM until 3:30 PM. Office working hours are typically from 9 AM until 5 PM.

According to Australian law, the maximum time an employer can expect employees to work is 38 hours per week.

Vacation Policy in Australia

In Australia, workers are entitled to 4 weeks of paid leave per year. Shift workers have 5 weeks per year. These hours accrue throughout the year, and any unused hours are added to the next year’s vacation time.

The total hours of leave an employee receives is based on the employee’s normal work schedule. For example, someone who normally works 30 hours per week would receive 120 hours of annual leave per year.

In addition to their annual leave, employees in Australia enjoy paid public holidays. The exact number of holidays varies by territory, as some are region-specific.

If a holiday falls on a day when an employee is already on leave, that day isn’t subtracted from their annual vacation days if it’s a day they would have worked.

Part Time Working in Australia

Part time employees make up a significant portion of Australia’s workforce. Over the past 40 years, the rate of part time employment has steadily increased, from 15.7% of total employment in 1980 to 31.7% of total employment in 2020.


Currently, there is a significantly higher portion of women working part time than men. As of February 2022, women comprised 68.5% of all part time workers in Australia.

Remote Working in Australia

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the rate of remote workers in Australia increased on average by one percent every two years. Data shows, however, that between 2019 and 2021, the percentage of remote workers jumped from 32.2% to 40.6%.

The number of remote workers varies by occupation. As of August 2021, two-thirds of professionals were working remotely, while only 25% of people across other occupations were doing so.

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