"Last Day at Work" Memes to Make You Smile

"Last Day at Work" Memes to Make You Smile

"Last Day at Work" Memes to Make You Smile

The end of every week is something to celebrate, especially if you are working a job you don't enjoy. It means sweet freedom for a couple of days. If you have managed to get out of a job you hate, the last day at work can feel like a party. The following fifteen memes help express the joy you feel on the last day of a job you don't like.

1. PSY on the Last Day of Work

Years ago, everyone was enraptured with the song Gangnam style by musician Psy. In this meme, there is a snippet of PSY from his music video where he is walking out of a building, and things are exploding behind him. It is aptly captioned, "Leaving work on my last day."

PSY on the Last Day of Work

2. Kittens

Kittens are adorable little creatures, and watching them frolic through a meadow of flowers is sure to warm your heart. This heart-warming feeling is exactly how people feel when leaving their workplace on their last day of the job. The text accompanying the kitten says, "Walking out the door on the last day of work."

Kittens - last day of work meme

3. Leo DiCaprio

There are many memes of Leo DiCaprio floating around the internet. A popular one is him walking through town with a smile on his face swinging his arms. In this variation of the meme, the text surrounding him says, "Last day of work: Smiling so much people thought I stole office supplies."

Leo DiCaprio - last day of work meme

4. Someecards

Ecards have been around for a while and are known for their sarcastic humor. This one shows a dressed-up woman jumping for joy. She appears to be saying, "Last day of work. Farewell coworkers. I know it has been a pleasure working with me."

Last day of work meme

5. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat was made world-famous for his perpetually grumpy face. In this meme, she epitomizes the feeling that you're never going to get to leave your job. She is pictured with text saying, "Last day at work. Who said you could leave?"

Grumpy cat last day of work meme

6. Cats Again

Cats are known to be a bit stuck up at times, and this meme shows a cat on his hind legs walking away. His posture says he does not care what anyone thinks. The accompanying text says, "Happy last day of work!"

Cats last day of work meme

7. Seven

Sean Bean has been made into many memes, and probably one of the more popular formats is the "One does not simply" meme from Lord of the Rings. In this version, his character is pictured saying, "One does not simply do work on their last day of work."

One does not simply last day of work meme

8. Hump Day Camel

Who could forget about the hump day camel? Guess what day it is?! In this case, it's the camel's last day of work. He is saying, "Guess what day it is?! My last day of work!!! Woot woot!"

Last day of work meme

9. Girl Running Away

Another popular meme is the girl in the yellow coat running away. In this meme, she appears to be running from her workplace yelling, "Last day of work! Get me out of here."

Girl running Last day of work meme

10. Running Man

In this meme, a man is pictured sprinting away or towards something. It appears he is running away from his job and toward something better. The text says, "Last day of work: Leave mode activated."

Man running Last day of work meme

11. Crying Obama

For those of you who are actually sad to leave your job, this meme of President Obama may be up your alley. He is seen with a look on his face that makes it look like he is trying not to cry. The caption says, "Trying not to cry on your last day at work."

Obama last day of work meme

12. Children Dancing

This meme shows four children happily dancing in the sand. The text around them says, "Strolling out work because it's your last day." The smiles on the kids' faces are reminiscent of the faces of everyone leaving a job they hate.

Children dancing last day of work meme

13. Ned Stark

Another popular Sean Bean meme is the "Winter is coming" meme. In this variation on the meme, we see Ned Stark holding his sword while standing in a field. The text says, "The last day of work memes are coming." We all know the memes can get a bit stale but can't help it because we are so excited to be done with the job.

Ned Stark last day of work meme

14. Laughing Obama

In this meme, President Obama is seen laughing. The text surrounding him says, "When your boss says, 'starting next week' and it's your last day of work." There is nothing greater than knowing you won't have to deal with whatever annoyance your boss just said.

15. Pumped Up Kid

Another meme that has been around for a while is the little boy holding up a fist to show how pumped he is. In this case, he is excited because "Tomorrow is my last day at work."

Pumped up kid last day work meme

16. Dobby Is a Free Elf

For the Harry Potter fans out there, this Dobby meme is sure to delight. Dobby is pictured in the scene where Harry tricks Lucius Malfoy into giving Dobby a sock, thereby giving him his freedom. The text says, "Last day of work. Dobby has no master, Dobby is a free elf."

Dobby last day of work meme

Wrapping it up

We hope you enjoyed these delightful memes & wish you all the best on your new venture if today is your last day in your job. And if today just so happens to be Thursday, check out these memes to get you ready for the weekend 🥰