Enabling sustainable app development and distribution with a focus on privacy and security.

  • 4 x 9hr days
  • 10-50 employees
  • 100% remote
  • Mellieha, Malta

Who we are

CrabNebula is a forward-thinking company that enables individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to sustainably build, develop, and distribute their applications.

Founded by members of the Tauri Working Group, CrabNebula has grown to a team of over 20 professionals across 13 countries and 16 time zones. Our origins are rooted in the open-source community, and we continue to contribute significantly to projects that promote privacy, security, and efficiency in app development.


What we do

CrabNebula provides tools and services designed to streamline the app development lifecycle. Our offerings include consulting, security auditing, and our flagship product, CrabNebula Cloud, which facilitates global app distribution with real-time insights. We also maintain and develop DevTools for Tauri, enhancing developers' capabilities to build secure and efficient applications. Our focus on open-source projects like Tauri underscores our commitment to lowering development barriers and fostering innovation.

Working at CrabNebula

At CrabNebula, we believe in a fully distributed, collaborative work environment. Our team members are located globally, bringing diverse perspectives and skills to our projects. We prioritize flexibility and autonomy, allowing our employees to work from their chosen locations, whether from home or co-working spaces. Our culture values privacy, security, sustainability, and open-source principles, ensuring a positive impact on our team and the broader community.

Team Benefits

Working at CrabNebula includes a comprehensive benefits package:

  • 4-day work week: We work a 4-day work week (4 x 9hr days)
  • Remote work policy: 100% remote work contract.
  • Vacation: 6 weeks of paid vacation, including country-specific benefits.
  • Professional Development: Bi-annual performance reviews, including pay reviews.
  • Incentives: Opportunity to relocate to Malta or another supportive country for your visa.
  • Mental health support: Access to mental health support through a retained therapist.
  • Social impact: Active contribution to open-source projects and a vote on the donation of 10% of our profits each year.

Open positions

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CrabNebula overview

Working Week

All our employees work a 4 day work week, 36hrs per week at full pay.

  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • 🏖️

Our Vacation Policy

We offer 6 weeks of paid vacation, plus public holidays. This works out at roughly:

  • 32 days
  • 52 Fridays
  • 84 days off per year


Top 5
92 / 100
  • +524 days @ 100% salary
  • +11100% remote
  • +1032 days PTO
  • +8Flexible working hours
  • +2Company retreats
  • +9And much more...

Our working Day

  • 7am
    Work between
  • 9am
    Typical hours

Remote Working Policy

We're a global team working remotely from 13 countries and 16 time zones.

Our Team

We're a team of 17 across 8 departments:

  • engineering
  • operations
  • product management
  • arts and design
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • information technology
  • media and commmunication

Expect to be working with

  • AI
  • Amazon AWS
  • Docker
  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Remote
  • + many more

Company Benefits

  • Flexible working hours
  • Company retreats
  • Equipment allowance
  • Professional Development Budget
  • Mental Health Support

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