Comprehensive Guide to Capital One Software Engineering Salaries and Roles

Discover the detailed breakdown of software engineering salaries and roles at Capital One, based on various levels and positions.

Comprehensive Guide to Capital One Software Engineering Salaries and Roles

Embarking on a career as a software engineer at Capital One, a leading American bank, offers ample opportunities for growth and development in a dynamic and innovative environment.

This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the various software engineering roles at Capital One, along with their corresponding compensation packages, to help you understand the career progression and salary expectations within the organization. From entry-level positions to prestigious Distinguished Engineer roles, discover the diverse opportunities that await you at Capital One.

Salaries by level

At Capital One, software engineers can progress through six distinct levels, each with increasing responsibilities and compensation. These levels include:

  1. Associate Software Engineer (Entry Level)
  2. Software Engineer Senior Associate
  3. Senior Software Engineer Principal Associate
  4. Lead Software Engineer
  5. Senior Lead Software Engineer
  6. Distinguished Engineer.

Now let's cover the salary & bonus you can expect for each of these levels. All data is from and is correct as of May 2023.

Associate Software Engineer (Entry Level)

Total Compensation: $126,670
Base Salary: $123,040
Stock (per year): $0
Bonus: $3,630

The Associate Software Engineer position at Capital One is an entry-level role, typically for candidates with less than two years of experience. As an entry-level engineer, you'll work on small projects or specific parts of larger projects, under the guidance of more experienced team members.

Strong problem-solving skills and a good understanding of computer science fundamentals are essential for success in this role. Progression from this level typically requires consistently strong performance and taking on more complex tasks over time.

Software Engineer Senior Associate

Total Compensation: $145,600
Base Salary: $138,360
Stock (per year): $909
Bonus: $6,330

The Software Engineer Senior Associate level at Capital One is a mid-level position, often suitable for those with around two to five years of experience. Engineers at this level are expected to have a deeper understanding of software development, including best practices, design patterns, and tools.

They should be capable of working independently on moderately complex projects and collaborating with other team members to provide input on design and code reviews. To progress from this level, engineers need to demonstrate consistent high performance, mentorship abilities, and the capacity to lead small teams.

Senior Software Engineer Principal Associate

Total Compensation: $178,220
Base Salary: $166,570
Stock (per year): $720
Bonus: $10,930

The Senior Software Engineer Principal Associate level at Capital One is for experienced software engineers, usually with five or more years of experience. They are expected to be experts in their domain, capable of designing and implementing large-scale systems with minimal supervision.

Senior engineers also provide mentorship to junior engineers and collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive projects forward. Progression from this level requires demonstrating strong leadership skills, the ability to influence technical decisions, and a track record of delivering high-impact projects.

Lead Software Engineer

Total Compensation: $205,830
Base Salary: $195,330
Stock (per year): $1,560
Bonus: $8,940

The Lead Software Engineer level at Capital One is for highly experienced software engineers, often with eight or more years of experience. Engineers in this role are technical leaders responsible for defining the architecture and direction of large-scale projects.

They provide mentorship and guidance to engineers across multiple teams. To progress from this level, engineers must demonstrate strategic thinking, the ability to drive company-wide initiatives, and a consistent record of delivering high-impact projects with broad implications.

Senior Lead Software Engineer

Total Compensation: $252,490
Base Salary: $210,570
Stock (per year): $18,490
Bonus: $23,430

The Senior Lead Software Engineer level at Capital One is a position for seasoned software engineers with significant experience in leading teams and driving complex projects. Senior Lead Engineers are responsible for making critical architectural decisions and guiding the technical direction of their teams.

They also play a crucial role in mentoring and developing the skills of other engineers in the organization. Progression from this level requires a demonstrated ability to influence and shape the strategic direction of the organization's technology stack.

Distinguished Engineer

Total Compensation: $343,330
Base Salary: $249,590
Stock (per year): $55,740
Bonus: $38,000

The Distinguished Engineer level at Capital One is a prestigious position reserved for exceptional software engineers with extensive experience and a proven track record of success. Distinguished Engineers are technical visionaries who make significant contributions to the company's technology strategy and lead the development of innovative solutions across the organization.

Distinguished Engineers act as mentors and role models for other engineers, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. They collaborate with senior leadership to define long-term technology goals, identify emerging trends, and drive the adoption of best practices across the organization.

To reach the Distinguished Engineer level, an individual must demonstrate exceptional technical expertise, thought leadership, and the ability to make a substantial impact on the company's technology landscape. This includes driving high-impact projects, contributing to the broader engineering community, and embodying the company's values and culture.

Capital One software engineering salaries by experience

Salaries by location

Capital One offers competitive compensation packages for software engineers but these can vary slightly based on location / living costs.

Here are some real examples of engineer salaries for different locations:

LocationLevel NameYears of ExperienceTotal Compensation (USD)
Chicago, ILSoftware Eng5 yrsUS$149,000
Chicago, IL-9 yrsUS$180,000
Dallas, TXAssociate Software Eng2 yrsUS$110,000
Dallas, TXSoftware Eng2 yrsUS$136,000
Dallas, TXSoftware Eng4 yrsUS$145,000
Dallas, TXSenior Software Eng5 yrsUS$164,000
Dallas, TXSenior Software Eng7 yrsUS$156,000
Dallas, TXSenior Software Eng12 yrsUS$159,500
Denver, COSoftware Eng3 yrsUS$150,000
Mc Lean, VASoftware Eng4 yrsUS$142,000
New York, NYL34 yrsUS$135,000
New York, NYSoftware Eng3 yrsUS$150,000
New York, NYSoftware Eng3 yrsUS$156,000
New York, NYSoftware Eng6 yrsUS$146,000
New York, NYSenior Software Eng5 yrsUS$175,000
New York, NYSenior Software Eng3 yrsUS$177,700
New York, NYSenior Software Eng7 yrsUS$193,500
New York, NYLead Software Eng7 yrsUS$217,000
New York, NYLead Software Eng10 yrsUS$220,000
New York, NYLead Software Eng12 yrsUS$247,500
Nottingham, EN, United KingdomSenior Software Eng13 yrsUS$92,922
Philadelphia, PASenior Software Eng6 yrsUS$161,000
Philadelphia, PASenior Software Eng5 yrsUS$194,000
Richmond, VAAssociate Software Eng2 yrsUS$121,000
Richmond, VAhidden5-10 yrsUS$154,000
Richmond, VASenior Software Eng5 yrsUS$162,000
Richmond, VALead Software Eng13 yrsUS$180,000
Richmond, VASenior Lead Software Eng10 yrsUS$250,000
Richmond, VADistinguished Eng24 yrsUS$357,300
San Francisco, CASoftware Eng3 yrsUS$150,000
San Francisco, CASenior Software Eng9 yrsUS$203,000

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

When negotiating a higher salary at Capital One, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Research industry benchmarks: Use resources like to understand the standard compensation for your role and experience level.
  2. Quantify your accomplishments: Clearly demonstrate your value by presenting specific achievements and their impact on the company.
  3. Practice negotiation: Be prepared for the negotiation process by practicing with a friend or mentor.
  4. Be willing to compromise: Understand that negotiation is a give-and-take process, and be open to finding a middle ground.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of what you can expect to get paid as a Capital One software engineer. With competitive salaries and various roles available, Capital One is an attractive choice for those looking to advance their careers.

Keep in mind however that other things should be considered when making a career move. For example, benefits, work-life balance, professional development opportunities etc.

If, for example, you are more interested in getting a better work life balance (e.g. a 4-day work week, 32 hours at 100% salary), why not consider applying for our software engineering jobs which have a better work-life balance.

By pursuing a career with a more flexible schedule, you can achieve both personal and professional satisfaction. Either way, good luck!