Ultimate Facebook RPM Guide: Interview, Questions, Salary

Prospective product managers seeking admission to this 18-month product management rotation program must go through a competitive interview. This guide will help you ace an RPM interview at Facebook.

Ultimate Facebook RPM Guide: Interview, Questions, Salary

Facebook’s Rotational Product Manager’s (RPM) program aims to develop and empower the leaders of tomorrow. According to Facebook’s RPM program page, "This is a full-time employment opportunity that does not require a degree nor tech industry experience.”

The opportunity provided by Facebook’s RPG program allows candidates to work for a company where 96% of their employees are happy at work. Here is what some of the alumni of the Facebook RPM program have to say about their experience:

Prior to joining Facebook, I was someone working in the public sector turned freelancer, turned UX/VR developer turned entrepreneur. I was struggling to find a career that I was both passionate about and could have a real impact in. Facebook's mission aligned with my own and I feel so lucky to have discovered a culture that values growth and impact in the same way I do. - Clorama Dorvilias

Prior to the RPM Program, I spent five years in construction management and engineering in San Francisco and Seattle. My largest project was a 48-story high rise in South Lake Union. Working with teammates in design, engineering, and business, I learned to find the balance between conflicting stakeholders’ needs. This has translated well into Product Management, where we work with cross-functional partners throughout the company. - Laurelann Trinidad

First of all, let's take a look at Facebook's rotational product manager salary.

Facebook RPM Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average Facebook RPM salary annually is almost $130,000 a year. For a non-technical position, this is an amazing entry-level salary; especially considering Google’s entry-level salary for technical software engineers averages around $191k. This entry-level salary is a big reason why Facebook’s RPM program is very competitive.

If Facebook’s RPM salary interests you, then it’s time to move on to the application process.

Facebook’s RPM Application Process

Facebook’s RPM program only hires once a year. The application deadline depends on the location the candidate wishes to apply to. The offices that host Facebook’s RPM program are:

  • Tel Aviv
  • London
  • Menlo Park
  • Seattle
  • New York City
  • Remote (U.S. Only)

According to Facebook, applications open yearly around July or August on their Facebook careers page. In 2021, applications became available on July 26th with deadlines for US cities set to July 30th. The deadlines for London and Tel Aviv were August 8th. However, those dates could change for 2022.

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Facebook’s RPM Resume

Facebook’s RPG projected interview timeline takes several weeks, and it comprises multiple stages.

Facebook RPM Interview Timeline

Preparation for the Facebook RPM interview is crucial as the acceptance rate for the program is less than 1% of applicants every year. Since the RPM program doesn’t require technical experience, the ideal candidate must have a resume that sticks out by marketing themselves.

  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills

What recruiters want to see on a Facebook RPM resume are positive outcomes for each bullet point. Once you have a resume and cover letter that stands out to a recruiter, and you’ve started the interview process, it’s time to understand what recruiters expect from you in a Facebook RPM interview.

Facebook’s RPM Interview

Facebook’s (now Meta’s) rotational product manager interview reflects a difficult and long interview process that confirms the multiple interview stages.

Facebook Interview Questions

Preparing for the RPM interview focuses less on your past, as a traditional behavioral interview would, and emphasizes your ability to adapt to different situations, according to many of the helpful candidates who detailed their experience on Glassdoor.

What stands out about the rotational product manager interview questions on Glassdoor is how each individual had completely different questions. Here are some interview questions posted on the job site:

"Imagine you are the PM of a food-delivery app. How would you define and measure success?”

"How would you measure the success of Facebook Stories?”

"What are metrics that we should look at when evaluating Facebook search?”

"Instagram is considering introducing an audio clip feature, what factors would you consider to determine whether or not to proceed?”

Many of these interview questions dig deep into your product sense and how you would improve it. The answers don’t have to be technically savvy, but they need to focus on how you can take a pain point from a problem and spin it into an effective product for the company. This part of the RPM interview is called the "Product Sense” interview. According to an ex-Facebook employee, the two other product manager interview types are the "Execution Interview” and the "Leadership & Drive” interview.

Sample Questions from the Product Sense Interview:

Facebook’s RPM "Product Sense” interview focuses on how you would create or manage a product based on a problem:

  • How would you lead this product to handle this issue?
  • You’re told this product isn’t very intuitive. How would you improve it?
  • You’re the PM for a budding product that does facial recognition. How would you lead this product effort?

Sample Questions from the Execution Interview:

The "Execution Interview” is very analytical and will test your ability to prioritize and make decisions based on data and metrics.

  • What would you do if you notice that the revenue from Facebook ads dropped by 2%?
  • If you were the product manager for Facebook Watch, what goals will you set?
  • How would you measure success for this product?

Sample Questions from the Leadership & Drive Interview:

The leadership & drive portion of the interview is similar to a traditional behavioral interview. However, they won’t only ask how you DID approach a previous issue, but also how you WILL approach a future issue.

  • How will you handle difficult firing decisions?
  • What are past challenges you’ve had to overcome?
  • If you were the product manager on a product that had few resources, how would you face this obstacle?

Facebook Rotational Product Manager Interview: The Bottom Line

Facebook wants you to prepare for the RPM interview by breaking down your approach to every situation. They want to know exactly how you would structure each approach by considering everything from tradeoffs to analytics.

The best advice to give for a Facebook RPM interview is not to memorize answers, but to understand the intricacies of every approach you take. Despite an average work-life balance, working at Facebook can be a rewarding experience for a prospective RPM.

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