10 Best AI Cover Letter Generators

Discover the top 10 AI cover letter generators offering advanced features & customizable templates for streamlined job applications

10 Best AI Cover Letter Generators

A recent survey found that 72% of job seekers leverage ChatGPT to write a cover letter. This stat highlights the increasing popularity of AI tools in the job search market.

While ChatGPT has gained popularity among job seekers for writing cover letters, it's not the only option. Many other AI-powered platforms offer similar capabilities, each with unique features tailored to meet specific needs.

Let's explore some of the best AI cover letter generators currently available. We'll examine their pros and cons, helping you choose the right tool to distinguish yourself from other applicants and capture the attention of hiring managers.

AI Cover Letter Generator - 10 Best Picks

AI Cover Letter GeneratorKey FeaturesPricingTrial PeriodRatings
aiApplyJob tracker, resume builder, real-time interview features, data securityFree, $6.93/monthLimited Free Trial5/5
KickresumeEditable templates, GPT-4, grammar checker, unlimited downloadsYearly ($4/month), Quarterly ($7/month), Monthly ($10/month)Forever4.9/5
Rytr40+ use cases, custom tones, plagiarism checker, Chrome extensionFree, Unlimited ($7.50/month), Premium ($24.15/month)Forever4.7/5
CoverDoc.AILinkedIn integration, originality score, editable in Google Docs, multiple formatsFree, $3/month, $9.99/monthLimited free trial4.6
SimplifiedIntuitive interface, keyword integration, template variety, real-time editingPro ($12/month), Business ($32/month), and AgencyForever4.6/5
ResumeGenius170+ cover letter examples, career tools, expert support, multiple formatsFree, $2.95/14-Day Trial, $7.95/monthForever, 14-Day Trial on Paid Plan4.6/5
Copy.aiMultiple templates, interactive editing, robust security, multi-language supportFree, Pro ($49/month), Team ($249/month), EnterpriseForever4.5/5
LazyApplyLinkedIn and Indeed integration, professional tone options, email delivery, high interview success rateBasic ($99), Premium ($129), Unlimited ($249) - lifetime accessNone4.2/5
Rezi.aiResume templates, content analysis, LinkedIn profile improvement, unlimited downloadsFree, Pro Plan ($29/month)None3.29/5
PostlanderResume scanner, personalized connection requests, user-friendly interface, continuous learning AIBasic ($6/month), Pro ($8/month)NoneN/A

1. aiApply


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Ratings: 5/5

Price: Free and $6.93/month,

aiApply's AI cover letter generator is designed to optimize the job application using the latest AI technology, GPT-4. This platform enhances efficiency by enabling you to input job-specific details, which AI then uses to produce a high-quality cover letter. It is built to accommodate everyone from students to professionals, ensuring that the cover letter's content is aligned with your career level.

One of aiApply's standout features is its user-centric approach. It is designed for ease of use, with no need to navigate through complex dashboards. You can conveniently generate cover letters directly from the main page. Moreover, the platform offers flexibility in managing job applications by providing features like a job tracker and resume builder.


  • A diverse job application kit
  • Real-time interview preparation tools
  • Advanced encryption for data security
  • Enhanced customization supported by AI


  • Limited to only six European languages
  • A learning curve may exist for new users

2. Kickresume


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Ratings: 4.9/5

Price: Yearly ($4/month), Quarterly ($7/month), Monthly ($10/month), and Free

Kickresume AI cover letter writer utilizes the advanced GPT-4 technology from OpenAI, offering a powerful tool for creating personalized cover letters. This AI-driven platform can generate an excellent cover letter that closely matches the job position's requirements, providing a solid first draft. You can then refine it further by adding a personal touch.

In addition to generating a standout cover letter document, Kickresume offers multiple features, including a perfect resume builder that syncs well with the cover letter tool to maintain consistency across your papers. Moreover, the platform also supports customization with various aesthetically pleasing and ATS-friendly templates.


  • A diverse range of customizable templates
  • Pre-written phrases
  • Grammar checker and proofreader
  • Unlimited cover letters, resumes, and downloads


  • Very creative templates may not suit professional needs
  • Complex for beginners

3. Rytr


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Ratings: 4.7/5

Price: Free, Unlimited ($7.50/month), and Premium ($24.15/month)

Rytr is a versatile AI-driven tool that excels in crafting a high-quality, personalized cover letter. It supports over 30 languages and offers a variety of more than 20 tones. The cover letter generation process starts by selecting your desired language and style. Then, you have to choose the specific use case for the document.

The tool requires basic information, such as a description or keywords from a job post, to produce a tailored cover letter. Furthermore, it incorporates features like a built-in plagiarism checker and the ability to create custom tones. This feature ensures that each content appears professional, unique, and customized.


  • 40+ pre-made use cases
  • Chrome extension for ease of use
  • An intuitive, rich text editor
  • Additional features like writing portfolio page builder


  • Produces repetitive content sometimes
  • You may need to edit the final output

4. CoverDoc.AI


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Ratings: 4.6

Price: Free, $3/month, and $9.99/month

CoverDoc.ai is an AI-powered cover letter generator that simplifies the job process by creating formal cover letters. It integrates with LinkedIn to pull relevant information directly from a user's profile and streamline the process. Moreover, it also features an originality score to guarantee the uniqueness of each cover letter.

The platform also supports multiple formats and writing styles, allowing you to tailor your cover letters according to the specific tone and formality required by potential employers. The platform is designed for efficiency, generating tailored cover letters in a few seconds, which is especially beneficial if you're applying to multiple positions or under tight application deadlines.


  • Clear and concise cover letter writing
  • Provides insights into the company you're applying at
  • Supports content generation in 11 languages
  • Editable in Google Docs


  • It may not be effective for niche or specialized roles
  • Limited free trial

5. Simplified


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Rating: 4.6/5

Price: Pro ($12/month), Business ($32/month), and Agency

Simplified AI's cover letter generator stands out because it can quickly produce documents tailored to specific applications. This tool leverages advanced AI technology to analyze job postings and incorporate relevant keywords. Moreover, it offers a user-friendly interface equipped with expert-designed, editable templates.

The generator is designed for beginners, providing straightforward steps to create a professional-looking cover letter in minutes. It also supports the seamless integration of resumes with AI-generated cover letters, ensuring consistency across your application documents.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Variety of templates and design options
  • Comprehensive keyword integration to pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Real-time editing features


  • Characters limit in some features
  • The translation of content is not accurate sometimes

6. ResumeGenius


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Ratings: 4.6/5

Price: Free, $2.95/14-Day Trial, and $7.95/month

ResumeGenius offers a robust cover letter builder designed to streamline the process of creating winning cover letters for various industries. It guides you through a simple questionnaire to outline your educational background and job experiences so it can prepare a tailored document. The platform boasts a selection of eight template styles, catering to diverse professional needs.

Besides that, ResumeGenius provides almost 170+ cover letter examples to help you become more persuasive in your applications. It is designed with features to enhance your application's success rate, specifically tailored to bypass ATS. The platform's Ask the Experts feature also stands out, connecting you with certified career coaches.


  • Additional features like thank-you notes and resignation letter samples
  • Multiple download formats, including Word, TXT, and PDF
  • Comprehensive support and resources
  • AI-generated content aligns with real job ads


  • Only TXT format download is available on the free plan
  • Limited customization options

7. Copy.ai


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Ratings: 4.5/5

Price: Free, Pro ($49/month), Team ($249/month), and Enterprise

Copy.ai is a well-known copywriting tool that can also create craft cover letters according to the content outlined in job applications. The service offers several cover letter templates, which are simple and concise to more detailed and professional. You need to fill out specific details like job title, company name, and relevant experience to have your perfect cover letter ready.

Besides being user-friendly, Copy. ai offers the flexibility to adjust the style of cover letters so they align with the company's culture and the nature of the job. Moreover, the platform also features an interactive editing tool that provides suggestions for improvements. This may include making the language more active, adjusting the layout for better readability, or highlighting relevant skills more prominently.


  • Robust security features
  • Multi-language support
  • Industry-specific templates
  • Useful tutorials are available


  • Sometimes gives generic outputs
  • Expensive

8. LazyApply


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Ratings: 4.2/5

Price: Basic plan ($99), Premium plan ($129), Unlimited plan ($249) - lifetime access on each plan

LazyApply's AI cover letter generator is an innovative tool that streamlines the application process using GPT-3 technology to craft a compelling cover letter. You need to enter details such as your name, the job title, and the company name; afterward, LazyApply's artificial intelligence will instantly generate a convincing and professional application document.

The tool is designed to be highly accessible. It allows you to create up to five cover letters daily for free. If more are needed, it offers an unlimited plan with more extensive applications. The platform also supports downloading customized cover letters in PDF format and directly emailing them, which adds an extra layer of convenience.


  • Diverse tone selection
  • Integrates with LinkedIn and Indeed
  • A higher rate of interview success
  • Straightforward interface


9. Rezi.ai


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Ratings: 3.29/5

Price: Free and Pro Plan ($29/month)

Rezi.ai cover letter builder focuses on creating customized, professional cover letters by extracting information from your resume and your target job description. Notably, it automatically integrates keywords and phrases that are likely to resonate with both Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and human readers, which enhances your chances of securing an interview.

Moreover, Rezi.ai offers a streamlined user experience that minimizes the time spent drafting cover letters. By analyzing your input details, the AI quickly generates a polished cover letter in a single click. This feature is particularly beneficial if you manage multiple applications simultaneously, offering a balance between customization and efficiency.


  • Features almost 340 resume templates
  • Content optimization features like keyword integration
  • Real-time content analysis
  • Helps improve LinkedIn profiles


  • The free version supports the creation of only one resume
  • Output depends on the quality of the input

10. Postlander


Ratings: N/A

Price: Basic ($6/month) and Pro ($8/month)

Postlander is another exceptional tool designed to automate the creation of a personalized cover letter using advanced GPT technology. It offers an intuitive user experience that simplifies the process, making it accessible even to non-tech-savvy users. Moreover, the tool can produce undetectable content by AI detection platforms, ensuring that the cover letters appear manually written.

It is equipped to handle various job application needs, from full-time positions to freelance opportunities, providing versatility for a broad audience of users. With a major focus on customization and efficiency, the platform helps you save valuable time during your job search so you can confidently apply to more positions.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Continuous learning AI algorithm
  • Resume scanner that optimizes keywords for ATS
  • Can generate personalized connection requests for a LinkedIn profile


  • Limited language support
  • Free trial not available

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right AI cover letter generator can significantly streamline your job application process, ensuring you present a polished and professional introduction to potential employers. Moreover, you can pair your AI cover letter generator with the best AI resume builder to further optimize your job application strategy. This synergistic approach ensures consistency across your application materials while maximizing their impact.

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