How long does Amazon background check take & best practices

The interview isn't the only thing you need to pass, there's also a background check. Let's dive into what this entails and what you need to know.

How long does Amazon background check take & best practices

Amazon has easily grown to be one of the largest companies in the world. However, landing a job in such a large company isn’t that simple.

Even if you pass the interview, you still have to undergo a rigorous background check just to get into this company.

This background check also has various components that can be very difficult to understand. However, if you know which components are behind the background check and how they work—you will know what you must do to pass it.

This is exactly the information that we will provide for you in this article. We will look into all of the moving pieces and what is behind the Amazon background check—as well as best practices you can take.

Employment Law

Prior to undertaking an Amazon or Amazon Flex background examination, it is crucial to be aware of your rights. Federal laws and local statutes specific to your state apply in these situations. To check your local regulations, search for your state's website.

Although Amazon is a huge company, it remains subject to the same stringent rules as other businesses within the United States.

The most important regulation to understand is:

No employer can take into account any felony that was committed past 7 years—even if they run a background check that goes past this.

Why is a background check important?

When you have a company of this magnitude, it is important to have a streamlined process of hiring employees. Thousands of people from every type of background apply for jobs at Amazon. There are both highly skilled and unskilled workers.

Background Check

To maintain the safety of employees and a good culture to work for—some standards need to be met, and these are the standards that are set by Amazon.

For more guidelines on employment law and background checks make sure to check out Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Amazon’s background check policy’s procedure

It is Amazon’s policy to run a background check on every single employee that they have. However, you must agree to the background check. This is a right—not to do it.

If you do choose this, amazon will most likely deny your employment.

These background checks can go as far back as 10-years but most only go as far as 7-years. Amazon does use a professional service to process their background check applications. These services check your criminal background record as well as other areas such as credit.

We will now take a look at all of the areas and the specifics of the background check.

Vital information that Amazon looks into

Criminal Background:

This search goes through all public records, but it can also have the potential to go beyond that. That is if Amazon needs to see the information.

Even if you do have some criminal record, there could be a chance that Amazon hires you depending on the specifics. However, this check will show if you have any felonies or disorderly conduct in your record.

Amazon treats every case on a person-to-person, date, and situation basis.

Credit History:

Depending on the position that you are applying for, you might need to undergo a credit check. Amazon does this to check to see if you’re a stable and reliable person who will contribute to the growth of the company.

Employment History:

These checks usually go back seven years. If you worked at a bigger company—Amazon will have access to see your work records which will show them:

  • The time of your employment at the company.
  • Show your termination history—this is if you ever got fired. Depending on which system the prior company used, they could also show the reason you were let go.

Schooling History:

If you ever attended college or a university—this will show them that history. It also has the potential to show which high school you attended.

Reference Check:

This is more of a morality check. Accurate Backgrounds is the software that is used to conduct this assessment. This makes sure your information on your application is accurate and that you “crossed your T’s” and “dotted your I’s”.

Drug Testing:

This test is carried out in person by a trained expert who takes a swab from your mouth and sends it to a lab for analysis.

Amazon places a high importance on this aspect. Once you've successfully completed the interview process, every new employee has to go through a drug test. If you're a potential candidate or have an unconditional offer, it's very likely you'll need to take a drug test as well.

Random drug screenings can also occur for new hires.

These tests can detect substances like cocaine, methamphetamines, and marijuana.

How long does it take to process a background check?

The biggest question asked is “how long does Amazon background checks take?” or “how long do accurate background checks take?”.

The background checks that are conducted by Amazon are extensive and are known to take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to process.

It is recommended to reach out to Amazon if they do go up to the 4-week point. Some reasons it can take longer is:

  • If there is conflicting information.
  • If there is missing information.
  • If the company needs to contact you to unlock your credit.

This background check is only done one time during the hiring process. After you are employed, you will no longer be required to do another background check.

What happens if you do not pass the background check?

If your Amazon background check is denied—Amazon will contact you and provide a copy of the background check and reason.

Now, if this happens—this is not a sign to panic. First, analyze what was the reason for disqualification. If it was conflicting information, then you might be able to appeal or talk to HR.

If your disqualification comes up as a conviction—this is also not the end of the world. There are many measures that you can take to prevent this from happening the next time you apply so that… Things will go smoother.

Best Practices

To put your best foot forward, and prevent anything unexpected to happen on the background check—it is a good idea to be prepared. Here are some practical tips you can take to make sure your Amazon hiring process goes smoothly.

Check your background before they do

You can check your background by using special software online that will give you all of the same information as Amazon gets. The only downside is to these sites is you might have to pay money, but it won’t be much:

Get your charges dismissed

If you do end up finding charges that show up on your report, you can try to get them dismissed. There are many cases in which people have been successful in getting charges dropped from their records.

To do this, you might have to visit a court or get an attorney. The good news is—when they are dropped it is permanent. They will never show up on your record.

###Talk to Amazon Amazon will contact you directly if any criminal record pops up. Once they do, you will have the chance to explain the situation, and they might make an exception.

That’s why it is important to have in mind what you are going to say before they call.

Detail is the key

To prevent things from hindering your progress in the background check—it is important to pay as much attention to the application as possible and fill out everything with as much detail as possible.

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