Why should you hire on a 4 day work week?

The benefits of a shorter week may surprise you 👇

Pssst... 4 day work week = 32hrs with no drop in salary
Reason #1

Your staff will be more productive

When Microsoft Japan experimented with a 4-day work week productivity jumped by 40%. Most companies who have trialled a 4 day week have had no drop in performance or revenue

Reason #2

You'll attract top talent

As the saying goes: "the best candidates don't apply for jobs... unless it offers a 4 day work week".

Reason #3

Your staff will be happier and healthier

A recent study found that 78% of staff were happier and 70% were less stressed

Reason #4

You'll be helping environment

A 4 day week has been shown to reduce emissions by more than 20%. Less commuting = less CO₂

Reason #5

Your staff retention will improve

63% of 4 day week companies said a it helped them to retain talent. "Now that I'm working a 4 day week, I could never go back to working 5 days."

Reason #6

Your job listings will get more applications

A study by ZipRecruiter showed this... but you probably could have guessed that, right?

Reason #7

Your staff will have less sick days

The recent study showed that employee absenteeism reduced by 62%. More rest = less burnout.

Reason #8

It's better for gender equality

The majority of unpaid domestic & care work is done by women. An extra day off benefits everyone, but it especially benefits women.

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