Unveiling VMWare Software Engineer Salary & Benefits: A Detailed Guide!

Uncover the VMWare Software Engineer Salary, benefits, work-life balance, and more. Drive your career decisions with accurate data.

Unveiling VMWare Software Engineer Salary & Benefits: A Detailed Guide!

VMWare stands as a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, driving innovation in the tech industry. Its software engineers, the company's backbone, play a pivotal role in developing solutions that enable businesses worldwide to scale and thrive in the digital era.

Join us as we delve into the rewarding compensation, extensive benefits, and vibrant work culture that VMWare offers its engineers, highlighting why it's a coveted place to work for tech professionals.

VMWare Software Engineer Salaries by Level

Unveiling the salary landscape at VMWare can provide valuable insights for prospective software engineers looking to join this IT heavyweight. The comprehensive salary data is sourced from Levels.fyi, which provides an in-depth look at compensation per level.

LevelLevel NameTotal CompensationBase SalaryStock per YearBonus
MTS 1P1 (Entry Level)$143K$119K$12K$11K
MTS 2P2$165K$134K$17K$14K
MTS 3P3$203K$166K$26K$11K
Senior MTSP4$251K$190K$33K$28K
Staff Engineer 1-$300K$216K$49K$35K
Staff Engineer 2-$424K$267K$98K$58K
Senior Staff Engineer-$601K$293K$241K$68K

VMware Software Engineer Salaries

MTS 1 (P1) Salary Details

MTS 1 or P1, the entry-level position for software engineers at VMware, offers a total compensation of $143K. This package includes a base salary of $119K, annual stock options valued at $12K, and a bonus of $11K, reflecting a slight adjustment from the initial figures.

MTS 2 (P2) Salary Details

Engineers at the MTS 2 or P2 level at VMware have a total compensation of $165K. The breakdown includes a base salary of $134K, $17K in annual stock, and a $14K bonus, correcting the previously stated amounts.

MTS 3 (P3) Salary Details

At the MTS 3 or P3 tier, VMware software engineers are compensated with a total of $203K. This includes a $166K base salary, $26K in stock per year, and an $11K bonus, aligning with the initial data.

Senior MTS (P4) Salary Details

Senior MTS or P4, representing the pinnacle of the Software Engineer ladder at VMware, entails a total compensation of $251K. This level offers a $190K base salary, $33K in yearly stock, and a significant $28K bonus, slightly differing from the figures mentioned.

Staff Engineer 1 Salary Details

As a Staff Engineer 1, the total compensation is $300K, encompassing a $216K base salary, $49K in annual stock, and a $35K bonus, filling in the missing level details.

Staff Engineer 2 Salary Details

The Staff Engineer 2 level brings a total compensation of $424K, with a $267K base salary, a substantial $98K in stock per year, and a $58K bonus, providing the necessary information for this level.

Senior Staff Engineer Salary Details

For the Senior Staff Engineer position, the total compensation reaches $601K. This premier level includes a $293K base salary, an impressive $241K annual stock, and a $68K bonus, completing the salary structure overview.

Career Path and Salary Progression at VMWare

VMWare Head Office

At VMWare, software engineers have a well-defined career path with significant salary increases at each progression level. Here's a brief overview of each level:

MTS 1 (P1)

  • Total Compensation: $143K
  • Responsibilities: Focus on learning the codebase, participating in supervised coding tasks, and understanding the team's software development processes.

MTS 2 (P2)

  • Total Compensation: $165K
  • Responsibilities: Take on more complex coding assignments, contribute to design discussions, and begin to review code contributions from peers.

MTS 3 (P3)

  • Total Compensation: $203K
  • Responsibilities: Lead small-scale projects, mentor junior engineers, and play a significant role in architectural and design decisions.

Senior MTS (P4)

  • Total Compensation: $251K
  • Responsibilities: Oversee multiple projects, drive technical strategy and innovation, and mentor teams. Expected to make significant contributions to product architecture and advocate for best practices.

Staff Engineer 1

  • Total Compensation: $300K
  • Responsibilities: Assume full ownership of large-scale projects, influence team, and department-level technical direction, and contribute to strategic planning.

Staff Engineer 2

  • Total Compensation: $424K
  • Responsibilities: Lead critical and complex technical initiatives that may span multiple teams, serve as a technical authority and drive innovation and efficiency improvements.

Senior Staff Engineer

  • Total Compensation: $601K
  • Responsibilities: Shape the technical vision and strategy for entire product lines or company-wide initiatives, mentor senior engineers and engage with external technical communities to represent VMware.

At each stage, responsibilities expand, with more complex projects and increased leadership roles.

Regional Variations in VMWare Software Engineer Salary

VMWare Office

The remuneration of a VMWare Software Engineer can fluctuate quite noticeably depending on the geographical location. Here are a few key locations and the overall trend in salary variations:

LocationAverage Base Salaries
St. Louis, MO$198K
Santa Barbara, CA$188K
San Francisco, CA$172K
New York, NY$171K
Seattle, WA$165K
Austin, TX$162K
Dallas, TX$162K
Boston, MA$154K
Denver, CO$145K
London, United Kingdom$134K
Atlanta, GA$123K
Berlin, Germany$120K
Toronto, Canada$115K
Pune, India$64K
Bangalore, India$58K

Source: Interview Query

VMware: Attractive Benefits for Employees

VMWare Office

At VMware, employees are offered many benefits to ensure their well-being and professional growth. From health insurance to fitness classes, VMware goes above and beyond for its employees. Here are the top 10 benefits that stand out:

  1. Health Insurance: VMware provides comprehensive health insurance to ensure the well-being of its employees.
  2. Unlimited PTO: Unlike many companies, VMware offers unlimited Vacation / Personal Days, allowing employees to maintain a work-life balance.
  3. Gym and Wellness Reimbursement: An annual amount of $400 is provided for gym and wellness expenses.
  4. Maternity and Paternity Leave: VMware supports working parents by offering 18 weeks of maternity and paternity leave each.
  5. Dental and Vision Insurance: Besides health insurance, dental and vision insurance is provided to employees.
  6. Life Insurance: VMware provides 2 times the base salary with a maximum coverage of $2,000,000.
  7. Immigration Assistance: VMware supports its international employees by providing immigration assistance.
  8. Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP): Employees can purchase stock at a 15% discount.
  9. Learning and Development: VMware invests in its employees' professional growth through learning and development programs.
  10. Remote Work: VMware is a remote-first company, providing flexibility to its employees.

For a detailed view of VMware's benefits to its employees, check out Level.fyi.

Working Culture at VMWare

VMWare Work Life Balance

VMware is renowned for its vibrant and engaging working culture. The company's culture has been evaluated across several departments, reflecting a broad spectrum of experiences. Here's a quick snapshot:

DepartmentWork-Life BalanceHappinessCulture Score

The data reveals that the work-life balance in the Sales department is rated at C+, but the happiness and culture scores are at A+ level. The Product and Operations departments also score highly regarding work-life balance and happiness, marking A and B+, respectively. However, the Design department struggles with an F score for work-life balance, which is an area that needs improvement.

Interestingly, regardless of their work-life balance scores, all departments have happiness scores ranging from D to A+, indicating that employees generally feel contented at work.

For more detailed insights, please check the full results on Comparably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do VMWare Software Engineers make at VMWare?

Total Salary Range for VMware Software Engineer

Source: Glassdoor

VMWare Software Engineer salaries start at $143K for entry-level positions (MTS 1) and can reach up to $601K for Senior Staff Engineer positions.

Q. What is the average salary at VMWare?

VMWare Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

The average salary for a VMWare Software Engineer varies widely depending on the level, with figures ranging from $143K to $601K, encompassing base pay, stock options, and bonuses.

Q. What is the highest salary for a VMWare Software Engineer at VMWare?

The highest salary for a VMWare Software Engineer at VMWare is for the Senior Staff Engineer position, with a total compensation of $601K, including a base salary of $293K, $241K in stock, and a $68K bonus.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a VMWare Software Engineer at VMWare?

VMWare Software Engineers are expected to have proficiency in software development, cloud infrastructure, virtualization, cloud management, and other software technologies. Familiarity with the company's product offerings, such as vSAN, hybrid cloud, public cloud, and private cloud, is beneficial.

Q. How much does an entry-level VMWare Software Engineer make at VMWare?

An entry-level VMWare Software Engineer at the MTS 1 level receives a total compensation of $143K, with a base salary of $119K, $12K in stock, and an $11K bonus.

Wrapping Up

VMWare offers a competitive and comprehensive compensation package for its software engineers, reflecting its commitment to attracting and retaining top talent.

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