Unity Software Engineer Salary: What You Could Earn!

Discover the Unity Software Engineer Salary, benefits, and company culture. Get the insights that will shape your career decisions.

Unity Software Engineer Salary: What You Could Earn!

Unity is renowned for its cutting-edge game development platform. Unity leads in software advancement as a hub of innovation and fosters a dynamic environment for its software engineers.

These engineers play a pivotal role, leveraging their skills to continually push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming and beyond.

Join us as we delve into the rewarding career of a Unity Software Engineer, exploring their salaries, extensive benefits, and the unique work culture that sets Unity apart.

Unity Software Engineer Salaries by Level

The compensation of Software Engineers at Unity varies by level, as detailed in the table below. Salaries include base pay, stock bonuses, and additional bonuses.

LevelLevel NameTotal CompensationBase SalaryStock BonusAdditional Bonus
Tech IC4Software Engineer$85K$68K$16K$154
Tech IC5Intermediate Software Engineer$88K$70K$18K$0
Tech IC6Senior Software Engineer$120K$87K$33K$0
Tech IC7Lead Software Engineer$147K$104K$43K$0

Note: These figures are obtained from Levels.fyi.

Unity Software Engineer Salaries

Tech IC4: Software Engineer

At the Tech IC4 level, a Software Engineer earns a total compensation of $85K. The base salary is $68K, supplemented by $16K worth of stock bonuses. They also receive an additional cash bonus of $154 annually.

Tech IC5: Intermediate Software Engineer

Intermediate Software Engineers are at the Tech IC5 level, earning a total compensation of $88K. Their base salary is $70K, with an additional $18K worth of stock bonuses. There isn't any extra cash bonus for this level.

Tech IC6: Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineers at Unity fall under the Tech IC6 level. Their total compensation is $120K, which includes a base salary of $87K and $33K worth of stock bonuses.

Tech IC7: Lead Software Engineer

The Tech IC7 level corresponds to the position of Lead Software Engineer. They earn a total compensation package of $147K, comprised of a $104K base salary and $43K worth of stock bonuses.

Unity Software Engineer Career Progression

Unity Software Engineer Career Progression

  1. Software Engineer (Tech IC4): Starting as a Software Engineer at Unity, you can expect a total compensation of $85K. As a Software Engineer, your responsibilities include designing, coding, and debugging applications in various software languages.
  2. Tech IC5: Upon promotion to Tech IC5, the total compensation sees a slight increase to $88K. The responsibilities at this level may encompass being involved in more complex projects and having more autonomy.
  3. Senior Software Engineer (Tech IC6): A significant jump in the career ladder, the Senior Software Engineer role at Unity comes with a total compensation of $120K. The role involves leading project teams and defining software architecture.
  4. Tech IC7: At the topmost level of Tech IC7, the total compensation skyrockets to $147K. At this level, you're expected to steer the direction of software development and may have responsibilities in strategic decision-making.

Regional Variations in Unity Software Engineer Salary

Unity Office

The salary of software engineers can vary depending on the geographic location you are in, significantly influencing your overall compensation package.

Here is a breakdown of Unity software engineer salary by location:

LocationAverage Base Salary
Boston, MA$210K
San Francisco, CA$163K
Denver, CO$130K
Houston, TX$125K
Singapore, Singapore$123K
Austin, TX$113K
Seattle, WA$101K
Toronto, Canada$101K
Vancouver, Canada$93K
Shanghai, China$90K
Montreal, Canada$87K

Source: Interview Query

Unity Software: Top Employee Benefits

Unity Top Employee Benefits

Unity offers its employees a vast array of benefits. Below are some key benefits highlighted by level.fyi.

  1. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance: Unity Software provides AD&D insurance to all its employees, ensuring financial security for employees and their families in case of unforeseen accidents.
  2. Dental Insurance: A healthy smile is essential, and with Unity's dental insurance, employees are covered for various dental procedures.
  3. Free Lunch: Employees at Unity Software enjoy free lunch, fostering a sense of community and saving on daily expenses.
  4. Health Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance is available, ensuring that employees can receive the medical care they need when they need it.
  5. Life Insurance: Unity Software also offers life insurance, providing additional financial security for employees and their dependents.
  6. Paternity and Maternity Leave: The company supports new parents with paternity and maternity leave policies, acknowledging the importance of work-life balance.
  7. Learning and Development: Unity Software invests in its employees' futures by offering learning and development opportunities.
  8. Free Snacks: The company provides lunch, and employees enjoy free snacks throughout the workday.
  9. Paid Time Off (PTO): Employees benefit from paid time off, including vacation and personal days, allowing them to rest and recharge.
  10. Sick Time: Unity Software understands the importance of health, offering paid sick leave for those under the weather.
  11. Remote Work: The company also offers remote work opportunities, providing flexibility for its employees.

Unity's Award-Winning Work Culture

Unity Work Life Balance

At Unity, the work culture is a standout feature that distinguishes it from other companies in the information technology and services industry. This is not just a claim but a fact verified by Comparably.

DepartmentWork Life BalanceHappinessCulture Score
Business DevelopmentA+A+A+

The table above shows that engineering and business development departments excel in all areas, boasting an A+ grade for work-life balance, happiness, and culture score.

However, the design department seems to be struggling, evidenced by its D grade in culture score. The finance and HR departments also have room for growth, with some factors yet to be graded.

Despite these areas for improvement, Unity's commitment to building a positive work environment is clear, with numerous departments scoring A+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Unity Software Engineers make at Unity Technologies?

Salary Details for a Software Engineer at Unity

Source: Glassdoor

Software Engineers at Unity Technologies can expect to earn a total compensation ranging from $85K to $147K annually. This compensation includes base salary, stock, and bonuses.

Q. What is the highest salary offered as a Unity Software Engineer at Unity Technologies?

Unity Total Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

The highest salary offered for a Unity Software Engineer at Unity Technologies is $147K for the Tech (IC7) Senior Software Engineer role.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Unity Software Engineer at Unity Technologies?

To be a Unity Software Engineer at Unity Technologies, one should have proficiency in Unity Pro, a powerful 3D & 2D game engine & visualization tool. Other critical skills include problem-solving, analytical thinking, and a solid understanding of information technology & services.

Q. How much does an entry-level Unity Software Engineer make at Unity Technologies?

An entry-level Unity Software Engineer at Unity Technologies earns an average total compensation of $85K annually. This includes base salary, stock, and bonuses.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Unity offers its software engineers a decent salary and numerous benefits. Its remarkable work culture promotes happiness and a healthy work-life balance.

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