Robinhood Software Engineer Salary: Numbers You Can't Ignore!

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Robinhood Software Engineer Salary: Numbers You Can't Ignore!

Robinhood, one of the leading innovators in the fintech industry, has revolutionized the world of investing with its user-friendly platform.

The company's software engineers, known for their technical excellence and commitment to making financial services accessible to a, are critical to this success.

Join us as we take an in-depth look at the compensation, benefits, and work culture for software engineers at Robinhood.

Salaries by Level for Robinhood Software Engineers

Robinhood offers competitive salaries for its software engineers. The salary structure, broken down by level, can be found on Here is a quick snapshot:

LevelNameTotal CompensationBase SalaryStock per yearBonus

Robinhood Software Engineer Salaries

L1: IC3

The entry-level software engineering position at Robinhood is L1 or IC3. Engineers in this role can earn a total annual compensation of $203K. This includes a base salary of $135K, stock worth $49K per year, and a bonus of $19K.

L2: IC4

The L2 level, or IC4, represents a mid-level software engineering position. Professionals at this level can expect an annual total compensation of $294K. This package comprises a base salary of $183K, annual stock options valued at $98K, and a bonus of $12K.

L3: IC5

The L3 or IC5 level signifies a senior software engineering role. Engineers in this category are compensated with a total annual package of $407K. This includes a base salary of $217K, stock options worth $169K per year, and a yearly bonus of $21K.

L4: IC6

At the L4 level or IC6, Robinhood offers a position for more experienced senior software engineers. The total annual compensation for this level is $511K. It consists of a base salary of $247K, yearly stock options amounting to $224K, and a bonus of $39K.

L5: IC7

The L5 level, or IC7, is geared towards highly experienced software engineers, often in a lead or principal role. The total annual compensation for this position is $550K. This package comprises a base salary of $251K, stock options worth $273K per year, and a bonus of $26K.

Career Path and Progression at Robinhood

Robinhood Career Path

Robinhood employs a straightforward career progression model for its software engineers. Here's a comparison of the different levels:

  • IC3 to IC4: A promotion from IC3 to IC4 involves a significant salary increase, with the total compensation jumping from $203K to $294K. Moreover, this transition also brings increased project responsibilities and leadership roles.
  • IC4 to IC5: Moving from IC4 to IC5 comes with a significant salary increase. The total compensation rises from $294K to $407K. Additionally, new responsibilities at this level often involve managing more complex projects and mentoring team members.
  • IC5 to IC6: The transition from IC5 to IC6 at Robinhood is marked by a significant rise in compensation, from $407K to $511K. Along with this increase, the responsibilities include strategic planning, decision-making, and technical leadership.

Salary Variation by Location

Robinhood Office

Understanding how much software engineers earn can be tricky because it changes based on where they live, their experience, and their job titles. At Robinhood, the amount they pay their software engineers differs from place to place.

The table below shows the average salaries for Robinhood Software Engineers in different cities.

LocationAverage Base Salaries
Denver, CO$214K
San Francisco, CA$179K
New York, NY$178K
Seattle, WA$176K
Dallas, TX$159K
Kansas City, MO$157K
Austin, TX$146K
Los Angeles, CA$128K
Houston, TX$110K
Omaha, NE$105K

Source: Interview Query

Top Benefits at Robinhood

Robinhood Benefits

Robinhood offers a robust suite of benefits to its employees. Here are the top ten benefits that make Robinhood an attractive place to work for:

  1. Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast: Robinhood offers employees free meals five days a week.
  2. Healthcare: With 100% premium-covered health insurance for employees and their dependent children, Robinhood takes care of its team's medical needs.
  3. Paid Time Off Employees get 20 days of PTO, ensuring a healthy work-life balance.
  4. Parental Leave: With 16 weeks of maternity and paternity leave, Robinhood supports its employees' commitments outside work.
  5. Learning and Development: Robinhood invests in its employees' growth with learning and development programs.
  6. Retirement Savings: With a 100% match on the first 3% of base salary in a 401k plan, Robinhood helps secure its employees' future.
  7. Wellness Reimbursement: Employees receive a monthly $100 gym/wellness reimbursement, promoting healthy living.
  8. Fertility Assistance: Robinhood offers a lifetime max of $25,000 in fertility assistance to those who need it.
  9. Remote Work: Recognizing the changing dynamics of work, Robinhood offers a total return to the office (RTO).
  10. Tuition Reimbursement: Robinhood supports continued education with a $1,000/year tuition reimbursement.


Robinhood's Work Culture and Balance

Robinhood Work Life Balance

Regarding work culture and balance, Robinhood seems to maintain a competitive edge. The culture scores from Comparably provide an exciting insight into Robinhood's culture and work-life balance.

ExperienceWork Life BalanceHappinessCulture Score
3 to 6 YearsBA+A+
6 to 10 Years--C-C+
Over 10 Years----B

For employees with 3 to 6 years of tenure, the work-life balance is graded a 'B,' while happiness and culture scores are a resounding 'A+.' This suggests that employees in this tenure range are generally satisfied with Robinhood's work culture and work-life balance.

However, for those with 6 to 10 years of service, there's a noticeable drop with a 'C-' for happiness and a 'C+' for culture score. This could be an area that Robinhood may want to focus on improving.

For ten-year tenure employees, the culture score is a 'B,' indicating a satisfactory culture. The work-life balance and happiness scores were not provided, leaving room for speculation.

Although the data offers a snapshot, it doesn't provide the whole picture. Various factors could be at play, impacting these scores, including role, department, or individual preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Software Engineers make at Robinhood?

Salary Details for a Software Engineer at Robinhood

Source: Glassdoor

Software Engineers at Robinhood can expect to earn an average total compensation ranging from $203K to $564K, depending on their level.

Q. What is the average salary at Robinhood?

Robinhood Total Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

The average base salary for Software Engineers at Robinhood varies from $135K for an L1 (IC3) level employee to $253K for an L5 (IC7) level employee.

Q. What is the highest salary for a Software Engineer at Robinhood?

The highest salary offered for a Software Engineer at Robinhood is $564K for an L5 (IC7) level employee. This includes a base salary of $253K, annual stock options worth $283K, and a bonus of $29K.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at Robinhood?

The most common skills required for a Software Engineer at Robinhood revolve around finance technology, personal finance, information technology, and mobile development.

Q. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at Robinhood?

An entry-level Software Engineer (L1, IC3) at Robinhood earns a total compensation of $203K, which includes a base salary of $135K, annual stock options worth $49K, and a bonus of $19K.

In Conclusion

A career as a Robinhood software engineer is lucrative and has many benefits. From the robust salary to the comprehensive benefits package, Robinhood truly values the work of its engineers.

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