Unlocking Quora Software Engineer Salary: What You Should Know

Unveil the truth about Quora Software Engineer salaries, benefits, and its thriving work culture. Uncover your potential earnings today!

Unlocking Quora Software Engineer Salary: What You Should Know

Quora, renowned for its expansive question-and-answer platform that connects people with diverse insights and perspectives, has become a hub for knowledge sharing and intellectual curiosity.

Central to Quora's mission of connecting people through shared insights is its team of software engineers, whose expertise and innovation drive the platform's continual evolution.

Today, we will delve into the compensation, benefits, and work culture experienced by software engineers at Quora, providing a comprehensive overview of what it means to be part of this dynamic and forward-thinking team.

Quora Software Engineer Salary by Level

At Quora, the salary increases with each level. Here are the salary details for software engineers at Quora at each level:

LevelLevel NameTotal PayBase SalaryStock (Per Year)Bonus
L3Entry Level$180K$135K$33K$12K


Source: Levels.fyi

L3 - Entry Level

The entry-level position, or L3, represents the stepping stone for software engineers into Quora. The total compensation for this position is $180K, with a base salary of $135K, stock options worth $33K per year, and a bonus of $12K.

L4 - Junior Level

At the L4 level, software engineers at Quora take on more complex tasks and responsibilities. The total compensation for this level is $221K, consisting of a base salary of $152K and stock options worth $69K per year. Bonuses are not typically offered at this level.

L5 - Senior Level

L5, or the Senior Level, is for experienced engineers who often lead projects and teams at Quora. The total pay for this level is $336K, which includes a base salary of $200K and significant stock options worth $136K per year. Bonuses are not typically offered at this level.

L6 - Executive Level

The L6 or Executive Level at Quora is where the real leaders in software engineering reside. This level is for highly skilled and experienced professionals. The total compensation for this level is $329K, with a base salary of $231K and stock options worth $98K per year.

Career Path and Progression at Quora

Quora Head Office

  1. L3 to L4: Progressing to the L4 level at Quora, software engineers see a salary increase, with the total compensation reaching $221K. The role at this level involves taking on more complex projects and potentially mentoring junior team members.
  2. L4 to L5: Advancing to the L5 level significantly increases salary, with the total compensation rising to $336K. Engineers in this position lead projects and teams while handling more advanced and technical responsibilities.
  3. L5 to L6: Moving from L5 to the L6 level, engineers continue to grow in their careers, taking on even more critical roles within the company. The total compensation for the L6 level is $329K, reflecting the high level of expertise and leadership expected at this stage.

Salary Variation By Location


Quora's software engineer salaries exhibit variations based on geographic location. Here’s an in-depth look at this aspect:

  • California, United States: In the headquarters of Quora, salaries tend to be higher due to the high cost of living and strong demand for tech talent.
  • Remote: Quora allows all its roles to be performed remotely unless otherwise stated in the job description. This flexibility will enable employees to maintain an outstanding work-life balance and contribute towards increased productivity. Remote employees might have salaries adjusted to their location's cost of living, which could potentially mean a lower base salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do software engineers make at Quora?

Total Salary Range for Quora, Inc. Software Engineer

Source: Glassdoor

Software engineers at Quora earn between $180K and $336K, depending on their level.

Q. What is the average salary at Quora?

Quora Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

The average salary for software engineers at Quora ranges from $180K for entry-level positions (L3) to $336K for senior-level roles (L5).

Q. What is the highest salary for software engineers at Quora?

The highest salary offered for a software engineer at Quora is $336K for L5-level positions.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a software engineer at Quora?

The most common skills required for a software engineer at Quora include knowledge management, data science, machine learning, and product design.

Q. How much does an entry-level software engineer make at Quora?

An entry-level software engineer at Quora, considered at the L3 level, makes $180K.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Quora provides competitive salaries and the privilege of remote work, enabling its employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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