Logitech Software Engineer Salary: A Detailed Guide

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Logitech Software Engineer Salary: A Detailed Guide

Logitech, a leader in the technology sector, is well-regarded for its exceptional range of computer and mobile peripherals.

This company's success is not just a reflection of its innovative products but also a testament to the talent and dedication of its software engineers. These professionals are instrumental in creating the seamless user experiences that Logitech's products are known for.

Today, we will look closer at the Logitech software engineer's salary, the comprehensive benefits offered, and the vibrant work culture contributing to their professional satisfaction and growth.

Logitech Software Engineer Salaries by Level

As per Level.fyi data, let's explore the detailed breakdown of salaries per Level for Software Engineers at Logitech. Compare the average base salary, bonuses, and stock options one can expect at each Level.

LevelLevel NameTotalBaseStock (/yr)Bonus
I3Intermediate Level 2$126K$113K$7K$6K
I4Senior Level$209K$181K$18K$10K
I5Principal Level$279K$184K$66K$29K

Logitech Software Engineer Salaries

I1 - Entry Level Software Engineer

The entry-level software Engineer (I1) is the initial stage of a software engineer's career at Logitech. Salary figures for this Level are undisclosed.

I2 - Intermediate Level 1 Software Engineer

The Intermediate Level 1 Software Engineer (I2) represents the second stage in a Software Engineer's career at Logitech. Salary data for this Level is unavailable.

I3 - Intermediate Level 2 Software Engineer

As an Intermediate Level 2 Software Engineer (I3) at Logitech, you're at a pivotal career stage with a total compensation of $126K. This package includes a base salary of $113K, $7K in stock options per year and a bonus of $6K.

I4 - Senior Level Software Engineer

The Senior Level Software Engineer (I4) is a significant point in a Software Engineer's career at Logitech, with a total compensation of $209K. This includes a substantial base salary of $181K, stock options worth $18K per year, and a $10K bonus.

I5 - Principal Level Software Engineer

At the Principal Level Software Engineer (I5) stage, a professional at Logitech receives a total compensation of $279K. This amount comprises a base salary of $184K, a substantial $66K in stock options per year, and a $29K bonus, reflecting the advanced skills and leadership expected at this Level.

Career Progression at Logitech and the Accompanying Salary Changes

Logitech Head Office

  • Promotion from Entry Level (I1) to I2: Upon this promotion, the Logitech Software Engineer could expect a significant increase in base salary, annual stock benefits, and bonuses. The responsibilities would broaden to include more complex software engineering tasks, increased collaboration with team members, and the potential for leading small project teams.
  • Advancement from I2 to I3: Advancing to the I3 level comes with a notable increase in compensation, with a total package of $126K. At this stage, a Software Engineer would take on greater responsibilities in strategic decision-making, managing larger teams, and handling multiple projects.
  • Elevation from I3 to I4: Reaching the I4 level, a Software Engineer at Logitech would receive a substantial compensation package of $209K. The responsibilities at this Level include leading critical projects, strategizing for team growth, and mentoring junior engineers.
  • Progression from I4 to I5: Moving up to the I5 level, the Principal Level Software Engineer receives a total compensation of $279K. The role at this Level includes high-level strategic planning, advanced project management, and significant contributions to technological innovation and team development.

Geographic Variations in Salaries

Logitech Head Office

  • California, United States: Salaries for software engineers at Logitech's headquarters are typically in line with California's high cost of living. Compensation may exceed average figures for tech industry roles due to the competitive job market.
  • Other U.S. Locations: In other parts of the United States, the compensation for a software engineer role at Logitech may differ, typically mirroring the regional cost of living and local tech industry salary norms.
  • International Locations: Logitech, a global company, offers roles outside the United States, where the salary range varies based on local market conditions, cost of living, and regional industry standards.

Top Employee Benefits at Logitech

Logitech Office

In addition to offering competitive salaries and a culture that promotes work-life balance, Logitech provides a comprehensive benefits package to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of its employees.

Here are some of the top employee benefits at Logitech:

  1. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance: This is provided by the employer, offering financial protection in case of severe injury or death.
  2. Dental Insurance: Logitech provides dental coverage to its employees.
  3. Employee Assistance Program: Added support is given to employees to cope with personal issues that may hinder their job performance.
  4. Health Insurance: Employees can choose between Cigna and Kaiser.
  5. Life Insurance: Logitech offers life insurance, providing financial security for employees' dependents.
  6. Vision Insurance: This benefit is aimed to cover eye care expenses.
  7. Disability Insurance: In case of disability, Logitech provides employees insurance.
  8. Gym / Wellness Reimbursement: This benefit encourages employees to stay fit and healthy.
  9. Health Savings Account (HSA): $500 per year is contributed by Logitech to this account.
  10. Maternity Leave: Female employees are offered 18 weeks of maternity leave.

You may visit Level.fyi for more specific details on these benefits.

Unveiling Logitech's Work Culture

Logitech Work Life Balance

Look at these insights from Comparably on Logitech's work culture. The data reveals how different departments fare in aspects such as work-life balance, happiness, and overall culture score.

DepartmentWork Life BalanceHappinessCulture Score

Logitech's Marketing department shines with a stellar A+ across all categories. The Product department, although leading in work-life balance, seeks improvement in happiness and culture scores. Sales has a healthy culture with high happiness scores, although work-life balance could be better.

The engineering department can enhance its work-life balance, happiness, and culture metrics. The Design department faces similar issues with low scores in all categories, indicating room for significant improvement. These variations underline the importance of examining department-specific cultures when considering a role at Logitech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Software Engineers at Logitech earn?

Total Salary Range for Logitech Software Engineer

Software Engineers at Logitech are competitively compensated. The salary will depend on the Level of the role. For example, an Intermediate Level 2 Software Engineer (I3) earns $126K, while a Principal Level Software Engineer (I5) can expect a total compensation of $279K.

Q. What is the average salary at Logitech?

Total Salary Range for Logitech Software Engineer

The average salary at Logitech varies significantly depending on the Level. For instance, an I3 level Software Engineer earns a total of $126K, whereas an I5 level Principal Software Engineer earns $279K.

Q. What is the highest salary for a Software Engineer at Logitech?

The highest salary for a Software Engineer at Logitech is undisclosed. However, based on available data, an I5 level Software Engineer earns a total compensation of $279K.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at Logitech?

Being a Software Engineer at Logitech requires a strong foundation in coding and programming languages, analytical problem-solving, hardware knowledge, and experience with information technology. These skills are crucial as a company driving innovation in PC navigation, internet communications, digital music, and gaming devices.

Q. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at Logitech?

The compensation for an entry-level Software Engineer at Logitech can vary depending on various factors. However, the exact figures are not available at this time.

Summing Up

The enticing compensation packages place Logitech ahead in the competitive tech market. But it's not just about compensation; Logitech's culture and work-life balance scores, particularly in marketing and sales, underline an environment that nurtures personal happiness and professional growth.

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