Grafana Labs Salaries: Salary Analysis for Software Engineers and Sales Reps

Gain valuable insights into the salaries of software engineers and sales employees at Grafana Labs, including factors such as levels, experience, and benefits.

Grafana Labs Salaries: Salary Analysis for Software Engineers and Sales Reps

Grafana is an open-source interactive data visualization platform created by Grafana Labs. Data analysts and data scientists mainly use Grafana to build dashboards that display your data in charts and graphs to make it easier to understand.

It takes a lot of workforce and effort to keep Grafana running smoothly, so you might be interested to know how much employees working behind the scenes at Grafana Labs earn.

In this piece, we will cover everything you need to know about Grafana salaries, including how your role, experience, location, and other factors will affect how much you earn.

How Much Do Software Engineers Earn At Grafana?

Grafana Labs Employees

Software engineers are integral to Grafana Labs' operations and are often paid well. Below, we will discuss how your position, experience, and location affect how much you will be produced as a software engineer at Grafana.

We will also discuss how profit sharing and the stock vesting schedule work at the company.


The amount you will be paid as a software engineer will depend on both your engineering level and how integral your position is at Grafana Labs. However, it is essential to note that higher-level software engineers don't always earn more than lower-level software engineers.

There are many other factors to consider, which we will discuss in different sections.

Level 1 software engineer

Level 1 software engineers at Grafana Labs are often just starting and, in most cases, earn a lot less than more senior software engineers. The lowest annual base salary reported for this role is $82,000, while the highest is $145,000.

Level 2 Software engineer

Level 2 software engineers at Grafana Labs usually take on more responsibility and are paid more. However, this isn't always the case, as some level 2 software engineers earn less than their level 1 counterparts.

The lowest-earning level 2 software engineer at Grafana Labs earns $57,762, but this salary is somewhat of an outlier, as the next lowest earner takes home a base salary of $115,000. On the other hand, the highest-paid level 2 software engineer at Grafana Labs earns an annual base salary of $150,000.

Level 3 Software engineer

Once again, while level 3 software engineers typically earn more than level 2 software engineers, this isn't always the case at Grafana Labs. The lowest-paid level 3 software engineer is also an outlier, as they earn a base salary of $86,000. The next lowest earner brings home $120,000, which is more realistic for the role.

The highest-earning level 3 software engineer has an annual base salary of $155,000.

Level 4 Software engineer

Level 4 software engineers at Grafana Labs are considered senior software developers; in most cases, they earn more than lower-level software engineers.

The lowest-paid level 4 software engineer at Grafana Labs earns an annual base salary of $115,824. This is much lower than the base salary of the highest-paid level 4 software engineer at Grafana Labs, who earns $163,000.

Level 5 software engineer

There is only one reported base salary for a level 5 software engineer, and it is $140,000. However, this salary is bolstered by some equity in the company.


Experience significantly affects how much software engineers earn at Grafana Labs. For example, a level 1 full-stack software engineer at Grafana Labs currently earns a base salary of $145,000, while a level 1 web-development software engineer with no experience currently earns $82,000.


Grafana Labs has offices in New York and Stockholm, but most of their roles are fully remote. So, very few employees work at these offices.

However, it seems Grafana Labs pays its US software engineers the most, but this is likely due to the country's higher cost of living.

An example is a level 3 back-end software engineer working from Buenos Aires. Despite this employee's position and their four years of experience, they only earn $86,000. However, it is essential to note that the cost of living in Argentina is significantly lower than in the US.

Stock vesting schedule

At Grafana Labs, employees are often offered equity as additional compensation. However, you must work at the company for a few years before this stock is vested.

Grafana Labs' stock vesting schedule is as follows:

  • 25% of stock vests in the first year (25% annually)
  • 25% of stock vests in the second year (2.08% monthly)
  • 25% of stock vests in the third year (2.08% monthly)
  • 25% of stock vests in the fourth year (2.08% monthly)

Profit sharing

Software engineers at Grafana Labs can also earn a small share of the company's profits. However, the amount will differ depending on your role, experience level, and position in the company.


Software engineers at Grafana Labs have the opportunity to earn performance bonuses. However, like with profit sharing, the actual amount you receive will differ depending on your position in the company, your performance, and how long you have been with Grafana Labs.

How Much Do Sales Employees Earn At Grafana Labs?

Sales employees at Grafana Labs generally aren't paid as well as software engineers, as they do not have a role in managing the platform.


There aren't as many different sales positions at Grafana Labs. Positions are mainly limited to other sales and various positions that manage these salespeople.

Sales development representative

Grafana Labs Employees

On average, sales development representatives at Grafana Labs earn between $55,000 and $60,000 without any bonuses or commissions considered.

Account executive

Account executives earn more than sales development representatives, who help find leads and close deals. On average, an account executive at Grafana Labs will earn a base salary of $73,829.

Regional Sales Director

There are only two reported salaries for this position, and it is the highest-paying job of all the reported salaries for Grafana Labs. A regional sales director will earn an average base salary of $137,040. However, this is supplemented by profit sharing, commission, bonuses, and equity in the company.


The amount of experience a sales development representative has won't affect their salary hugely, as most sales development representatives make most of their money from the commission and earn similar base salaries.


Sales reps and other positions in the sales department can earn performance bonuses if they meet specific sales targets. But, the amount you receive from these bonuses will, once again, depend on your performance, position, and years spent at the company.


As with sales positions in all companies, the sales staff at Grafana Labs earn a commission when they complete a sale. The more sales that sales staff make, the more they will acquire.

Benefits And Perks Offered By Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs seems to shine when it comes to the benefits and perks it offers. These benefits and perks include:

Paid time off

All Grafana Labs employees are entitled to 30 paid vacation days, national holidays, and parental and sick leave.

Health coverage

Unfortunately, Grafana Labs can only provide health coverage to employees based in Sweden and the US.

Global Employee Assistance Program

Grafana Labs gives all its employees access to its Global Employee Assistance Program. It is an employee support service that operates 24/7 and allows employees to speak to professionally qualified counselors.

Free Udemy subscription

Grafana Labs employees are all provided with a free Udemy subscription. Udemy has thousands of on-demand courses to help employees develop their skills further.

Retirement planning

Grafana Labs offers retirement planning for US, UK, German, and Swedish employees.

Fond perks

Employees at Grafana Labs gain access to Fond, a platform that offers pre-negotiated discounts on things like entertainment, food, and fitness.


What is the average Grafana Labs salary?

The average Grafana Labs salaries differ depending on your role in the company. On average, software engineers earn a total annual salary of $153,088, while sales development representatives earn a total annual salary of $79,384.

Is Grafana an excellent company to work for?

Many employees recommend the company and leave positive reviews about it.

Final Thoughts

Grafana Labs offers decent salaries to its software engineers and sales staff, and now that you know what people in these positions earn, you can decide whether you think the company will be a good fit for you.