GitHub Software Engineer Salary: Unveiling What You Could Earn!

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GitHub Software Engineer Salary: Unveiling What You Could Earn!

GitHub, famous for its innovative contributions to software development and hosting a team of 5,595 employees, is a critical player in the tech industry. Its software engineers, vital to the company's success, play a crucial role in maintaining and advancing this platform.

Join us as we delve into the GitHub Software Engineer’s salary, benefits, and the vibrant work culture that sets GitHub apart.

Salary Breakdown by Levels at GitHub

Here's a comprehensive look at the salary structure in GitHub, according to

LevelLevel NameTotalBaseStock (/yr)Bonus
E1Software Engineer$134K$114K$12K$8K
E2Software Engineer II$168K$137K$16K$15K
E3Software Engineer III$186K$146K$28K$13K
E4Senior Software Engineer$256K$183K$54K$19K
E5Staff Software Engineer$389K$228K$120K$41K
E6Principal Software Engineer$517K$247K$212K$58K

GitHub Software Engineer Salaries

E1 - Software Engineer (Entry Level)

The entry-level Software Engineer at GitHub, designated as E1, earns a total compensation of $134K. This package includes a base salary of $114K, $12K in stock options per year, and a bonus of $8K.

E2 - Software Engineer II

At the E2 level, a Software Engineer II at GitHub receives a total compensation of $168K. This includes a base salary of $137K, stock options worth $16K per year, and a bonus of $15K.

E3 - Software Engineer III

As a Software Engineer III, categorized as E3, the total compensation is $186K. This role comes with a base salary of $146K, annual stock options of $28K, and a bonus of $13K.

E4 - Senior Software Engineer

At the E4 level, a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub earns $256K. This includes a base salary of $183K, $54K in yearly stock options and a bonus of $19K.

E5 - Staff Software Engineer

The Staff Software Engineer, or E5, at GitHub has a total compensation of $389K. The package includes a base salary of $228K, stock options worth $120K per year, and a generous bonus of $41K.

E6 - Principal Software Engineer

At the top level, E6, as a Principal Software Engineer, the total compensation reaches an impressive $517K. It comprises a base salary of $247K, a substantial $212K in annual stock options, and a bonus of $58K.

Career Progression and Salary Increases at GitHub

GitHub Office

  1. From Software Engineer (Level E1) to Software Engineer II (Level E2): Advancing from Software Engineer to Software Engineer II, one experiences a salary hike from $134K to $168K annually. This level-up brings additional responsibilities and a greater involvement in complex coding projects.
  2. From Software Engineer II (Level E2) to Software Engineer III (Level E3): Stepping up to Software Engineer III, the annual compensation increases to $186K. This elevation signifies enhanced responsibilities and a vital role in the development process.
  3. From Software Engineer III (Level E3) to Senior Software Engineer (Level E4): As one moves to the Senior Software Engineer position, the salary significantly jumps to $256K annually. This senior role entails leading projects, mentoring junior engineers, and profoundly impacting technical direction.
  4. From Senior Software Engineer (Level E4) to Staff Software Engineer (Level E5): Progressing to Staff Software Engineer, the total compensation escalates to $389K. This level reflects a leadership role that substantially influences engineering decisions and strategic planning.
  5. From Staff Software Engineer (Level E5) to Principal Software Engineer (Level E6): Ascending to the rank of Principal Software Engineer, the salary peaks at a substantial $517K annually. This premier position involves high-level responsibilities, shaping the technical vision, and often leading multiple teams or significant company projects.

GitHub Software Engineer Salaries Across Locations

GitHub Office

GitHub operates in different locations worldwide, and naturally, the salaries of software engineers vary accordingly. Here's a brief rundown:

LocationAverage Base Salary
Portland, OR$208K
Dallas, TX$200K
San Francisco, CA$185K
Washington, DC$185K
Sydney, Australia$184K
Houston, TX$175K
Nashville, TN$165K
St. Louis, MO$165K
Austin, TX$164K
Boston, MA$161K
Seattle, WA$148K
Chicago, IL$131K
Raleigh, NC$121K
Toronto, Canada$113K
New York, NY$151K
Denver, CO$141K
Phoenix, AZ$140K
Los Angeles, CA$139K
London, United Kingdom$129K
Vancouver, Canada$116K
Berlin, Germany$116K
San Diego, CA$112K
Vienna, Austria$110K
Amsterdam, Netherlands$98K
Pittsburgh, PA$97K
Ottawa, Canada$84K

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Note that the specifics of salary distribution are highly confidential and vary based on several factors, including skills, experience, and job title. Thus, it is beneficial for prospective employees to conduct a thorough salary comparison search before accepting a job offer.

Top Benefits at GitHub

GitHub Office

GitHub goes beyond the standard benefit offerings, ensuring a comprehensive package for their employees. Below are some of the most noteworthy benefits:

  1. Generous Leave Policies: GitHub offers 20 weeks of maternity and paternity leave. Additionally, they provide eight weeks of family and medical leave, which can be a boon for those facing family emergencies or health issues.
  2. Wellness Initiatives: Apart from having a Zen Room and gym on-site, GitHub also provides a monthly wellness reimbursement of $125. This allowance can be utilized for anything wellness-related, allowing employees to invest in their health in a manner that suits them best.
  3. Learning Opportunities: GitHub fosters a learning culture with a yearly tuition reimbursement policy and an annual learning and development stipend of $2,000. This enables employees to upskill and stay relevant in the tech industry continually.
  4. Insurance Coverage: Comprehensive health, dental, vision, and life insurance are offered by GitHub. They also contribute to Health Savings Accounts, providing financial cushioning for employees' healthcare needs.
  5. Retirement Benefits: GitHub offers a Roth 401k and a match of 50% on the employee's contribution up to $19,500.
  6. Remote Work: GitHub is a remote-first company offering flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere. They even provide a home office reimbursement of $1,500, making the transition to remote work seamless.

Source: Levels. fyi - GitHub Benefits

GitHub's Thriving Work Culture

GitHub Work Life Balance

GitHub's work culture is recognized for its excellence, as reflected in their ratings on Comparably. However, the experience varies from one department to another.

DepartmentWork Life BalanceHappinessCulture Score
Business DevelopmentA+A+B+

Sales, Business Development, and HR departments have scored A+ across all categories. The Engineering and Product departments, while scoring A+ in the Happiness and Culture Score, don't have a rating for Work-Life Balance.

The exact reason for this disparity is not explicit, but it could be tied to the specific demands and pressures of different roles. For a comprehensive view of GitHub's culture ratings, visit Comparably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does a Software Engineer make at GitHub?

The total compensation for a Software Engineer at GitHub starts at $134K for an entry-level engineer (E1) and goes up to $517K for a Principal Software Engineer (E6).

Q2. What is the average salary at GitHub?

The average salary for Software Engineers at GitHub varies significantly across levels, ranging from $134K for an entry-level position to $517K for a top-level role.

Q3. What is the highest salary offered for a Software Engineer at GitHub?

The highest compensation for a Software Engineer at GitHub is $517K for the Principal Software Engineer role (E6).

Q4. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at GitHub?

The most common skills required at GitHub are proficiency in programming languages and an understanding of open-source platforms, e-commerce solutions, information technology, and social commerce.

Q5. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at GitHub?

An entry-level Software Engineer (E1) at GitHub earns a total compensation of $134K annually.

Wrapping Up

GitHub is renowned for offering competitive compensation packages. With an appealing mix of base salary, stock options, and bonuses, it's a lucrative choice for software engineers. The company's commitment to employee benefits, ranging from healthcare to learning opportunities, reflects its dedication to fostering a positive work-life balance.

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