Citadel Software Engineer Salary: Average Pay, Benefits & More

Discover the Citadel Software Engineer Salary and benefits! Learn about compensation, perks, work culture, and more. Compare salaries with competitor Robinhood

Citadel Software Engineer Salary: Average Pay, Benefits & More

Citadel stands tall in the world of finance and technology, boasting over 3000 employees across the globe. As a powerhouse in the financial services sector, Citadel recognizes software engineers' vital role in its success.

Join us as we dive into Citadel Software Engineer salaries and explore the exciting opportunities and perks awaiting talented software engineers in this dynamic organization.

Citadel Software Engineer Salaries by Job Level

According to data from, Citadel offers competitive salaries for software engineers at different levels. Let's take a closer look at the salary breakdown for each level:

LevelLevel NameTotalBaseStock (/yr)Bonus
L1Entry Level$371K$229K$3K$138K

Citadel Software Engineer Salaries

L1: Entry Level

At the entry-level, software engineers at Citadel can expect a total compensation of $371K. This includes a base salary of $229K, stock options worth $3K per year, and a bonus of $138K.

Moreover, as an entry-level software engineer at Citadel, you can work on exciting projects and gain valuable experience in the financial services industry.

L3: Senior

The total compensation package for senior software engineers at Citadel amounts to $446K. The base salary for this level is $236K, with no stock options but a substantial bonus of $210K.

In addition, as a senior software engineer, you will play a crucial role in leading projects, mentoring junior team members, and contributing to developing innovative solutions.

However, it's noteworthy that the salary figures provided are just estimates based on available data. Actual salaries may vary depending on factors such as location, years of experience, and individual negotiation.

Career Path and Progression at Citadel

Citadel Head Office

At Citadel, career progression is an important aspect of professional growth. As employees advance through different levels, they experience salary increases and take on new responsibilities and challenges.

Here is a breakdown of the career path and progression at Citadel from level 1 to level 4:

1. Level 1 (Entry Level) to Level 2:

  • Salary Increase: No specific data available.
  • New Responsibilities: Employees at level 2 can expect to take on more complex tasks and projects. They may start leading small teams and collaborating with colleagues across different departments.

2. Level 2 to Level 3:

  • Salary Increase: A significant salary increase of up to $446K, including a base salary increase of $7K and a bonus increase of $72K.
  • New Responsibilities: At level 3, software engineers must demonstrate a deeper understanding of their domain. They may be entrusted with more critical projects and have the opportunity to mentor junior team members.

3. Level 3 to Level 4:

  • Salary Increase: No specific data available.
  • New Responsibilities: As software engineers progress to level 4, they assume leadership roles, taking charge of larger and more complex projects. They are also involved in making strategic decisions, collaborating with senior management, and guiding the development of junior engineers.

Please note that the salary increase and responsibilities between some levels are unavailable.

However, it is important to highlight that Citadel values its employees' continuous growth and development, providing ample opportunities to enhance skills, increase compensation, and take on challenging roles as they progress in their careers.

Citadel Software Engineers Salary Variation by Location

Citadel Office

When it comes to Citadel Software Engineer salaries, the compensation varies based on the location. Here is a list of locations and how the salaries may differ:

LocationAverage Base Salary
Austin, TX$205K
New York, NY$194K
Chicago, IL$186K
London, United Kingdom$164K
Hong Kong, Hong Kong$135K
Las Vegas, NV$95K
Philadelphia, PA$73K

Source: Interview Query

Top Benefits Offered by Citadel

Citadel Head Office

Based on data, Citadel offers the following benefits to its employees:

  1. Free Dinner: Citadel provides employees complimentary dinner four days a week, allowing them to focus on their work without worrying about cooking or ordering food.
  2. Free Lunch: To ensure that employees have access to nutritious meals, Citadel offers free lunch on all five working days, making it convenient for employees to refuel during the workday.
  3. Sick Time: Citadel understands the importance of employee well-being and provides ten days of sick time to ensure employees can care for their health when needed.
  4. Free Breakfast: To kickstart the day positively, Citadel employees can enjoy a complimentary breakfast every morning, ensuring they have the energy to tackle their tasks.
  5. Transport Allowance: Citadel offers a transport allowance to its employees, helping to ease the financial burden of commuting to and from work.
  6. Health Insurance: Citadel provides health insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, with the cost of premium plans varying based on the employee's total compensation.
  7. Dental Insurance: Employees can avail themselves of dental insurance through Delta Dental of Illinois, ensuring their oral health is well cared for.
  8. PTO (Vacation / Personal Days): Citadel offers its employees 15 days of paid time off, allowing them to take a break, relax, and recharge before returning to work refreshed.
  9. Maternity Leave: Recognizing the importance of supporting working parents, Citadel provides 16 weeks of paid maternity leave to give new mothers ample time to bond with their newborns.
  10. Paternity Leave: Citadel also offers two weeks of paid paternity leave, enabling new fathers to spend valuable time with their newborns and support their families.

Working Culture at Citadel: A Balanced Approach

Work-Life Balance at Citadel

According to data from Comparably, Citadel has received mixed reviews regarding its work-life balance and overall company culture.

Let's take a closer look at the data:

Categoryrating (out of 10)
Work-Life Balance7.6
Culture & Values7.7
Compensation & Benefits8.4
Career Opportunities7.8
Senior Management7.2

Citadel's work culture is highly regarded by its employees. The company prioritizes work-life balance, earning a rating of 7.6, and fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment with a rating of 7.7 for its culture and values.

Additionally, employees appreciate the excellent compensation and benefits, as indicated by a rating of 8.4. Citadel also offers numerous career opportunities, earning a rating of 7.8 for professional growth and development.

Though the rating for senior management is 7.2, overall, Citadel demonstrates a strong commitment to employee well-being and growth, making it a positive and rewarding workplace.

Salary Comparison: Citadel vs Robinhood

Citadel vs Robinhood

When considering a career as a Software Engineer, it's important to know what kind of compensation you can expect.

At Citadel and Robinhood, the salary for Software Engineers varies based on their experience and expertise. Here is the salary range offered by Citadel for different levels of Software Engineers:

Citadel Software Engineer Salaries by Job Level

LevelLevel NameTotalBaseStock (/yr)Bonus
L1Entry Level$371K$229K$3K$138K


Robinhood Software Engineer Salaries by Job Level

Level NameTotalBaseStock (/yr)Bonus


The above salary data shows that both Citadel and Robinhood offer competitive compensation packages to their employees.

It's important to note that salary ranges can vary based on experience, location, and skills. Comparing the salaries of similar roles at different companies can give you a better idea of the market standard and help you make an informed decision.


Q. How much do Software Engineers make at Citadel?

Salary Details for a Software Engineer at Citadel

Source: Glassdoor

A. The salary range for Software Engineers at Citadel varies depending on the level. The total compensation for entry-level Software Engineers (L1) is $371K per year, with a base salary of $229K, stock options of $3K yearly, and a bonus of $138K. For mid-level Software Engineers (L3), the total compensation is $446K per year, with a base salary of $236K and a bonus of $210K.

Q. What is the average salary for Software Engineers at Citadel?

Citadel Software Engineer Total Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

A. The average salary for Software Engineers at Citadel can vary based on level, experience, and location. However, based on the provided salary data, the average compensation for Software Engineers at Citadel ranges from $371K to $446K per year.

Q. What is the highest salary for a Software Engineer at Citadel?

A. The highest salary offered for a Software Engineer at Citadel depends on the level and experience of the individual. Based on the provided salary data, the highest compensation for a Software Engineer at Citadel is $446K annually for mid-level Software Engineers (L3).

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at Citadel?

A. As a Software Engineer at Citadel, the most common skills required include proficiency in programming languages such as Java, C++, or Python, strong problem-solving abilities, knowledge of data structures and algorithms, experience with software development methodologies, and the ability to work in a fast-paced and collaborative environment. Also, understanding financial markets and trading systems can benefit Software Engineers at Citadel.

Q. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at Citadel?

A. Entry-level Software Engineers (L1) at Citadel earn a total compensation of $371K annually. This includes a base salary of $229K, stock options worth $3K per year, and a bonus of $138K. It's important to note that compensation may vary based on factors such as location, experience, and negotiation skills.

Summing Up

Citadel offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a strong commitment to work-life balance. So, if you are seeking a rewarding software engineering career with a company that prioritizes work-life balance, Citadel is the ideal choice.

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