Autodesk Software Engineer Salary: Unveiling the Pay & Perks!

Discover the complete breakdown of Autodesk Software Engineer salaries. Plus, unique insights into their benefits, culture, and more!

Autodesk Software Engineer Salary: Unveiling the Pay & Perks!

Autodesk is a powerhouse of innovation, a titan in design and engineering software with a global team of 13,700 employees.

Central to its success are the software engineers, whose expertise and creativity fuel the company's progress.

Today, we'll explore the salary, benefits, and work culture of an Autodesk Software Engineer and discover what makes a career at Autodesk financially rewarding and professionally enriching.

Autodesk Software Engineer Salary by Level

Autodesk is known to offer enticing salary packages in the software engineering domain. The details of the salaries by different software engineering levels at Autodesk are provided below:

LevelLevel NameTotal SalaryBase SalaryStock (/yr)Bonus
Software Engineer 1Grade 8 (Entry Level)$142K$119K$14K$9K
Software Engineer 2Grade 9$153K$122K$22K$9K
Software Engineer 3Grade 10$167K$133K$20K$13K
Senior Software Engineer 1Grade 11$167K$132K$24K$11K
Senior Software Engineer 2Grade 12$194K$146K$34K$13K
Principal EngineerGrade 13$261K$178K$58K$24K
Sr. Principal Engineer/SW ArchitectGrade 14$308K$202K$68K$39K
Sr SW Architect/Director/Sr. DirectorGrade 15$430K$249K$115K$67K

Autodesk Software Engineer Salaries


Software Engineer 1 (Grade 8)

The base-level software engineer at Autodesk, also known as Grade 8, earns a total compensation of $142K annually. This includes a base salary of $119K, stock options worth $14K per year, and a $9K bonus.

Software Engineer 2 (Grade 9)

The next level, Software Engineer 2 or Grade 9, earns a higher total salary of $153K. This includes a base salary of $122K, an increased stock value of $22K, and a $9K bonus.

Software Engineer 3 (Grade 10)

Software Engineer 3, also known as Grade 10, sees a further increase in total compensation, earning $167K annually. This includes a base salary of $133K, stock options worth $20K, and a $13K bonus.

Senior Software Engineer 1 (Grade 11)

At the Senior Software Engineer 1 or Grade 11 level, the total compensation remains at $167K. However, there is a slight shift in the breakdown with a base salary of $132K, an increase in stock options to $24K, and a $11K bonus.

Senior Software Engineer 2 (Grade 12)

At the Grade 12 level as a Senior Software Engineer 2, the total compensation increases to $194K. This includes a higher base salary of $146K, more substantial stock options at $34K, and a bonus of $13K.

Principal Engineer (Grade 13)

Moving up to the Principal Engineer position at Grade 13, the total compensation package reaches $261K. This level offers a significant rise with a base salary of $178K, $58K in stock options, and a $24K bonus.

Sr. Principal Engineer/SW Architect (Grade 14)

In the Sr. Principal Engineer or Software Architect role at Grade 14, professionals receive a total compensation of $308K. This is broken down into a base salary of $202K, $68K in stock options, and a substantial bonus of $39K.

Sr SW Architect/Director/Sr. Director (Grade 15)

At the top level, Grade 15, which includes positions like Sr Software Architect, Director, and Sr. Director, the total compensation skyrockets to $430K. This impressive package comprises a base salary of $249K, a remarkable $115K in stock options, and a generous bonus of $67K.

Career Progression and Salary Increase at Autodesk

Autodesk Office

  1. Software Engineer 1 to Software Engineer 2: Moving from Software Engineer 1 to Software Engineer 2 sees a total compensation increase of $11K, from $142K to $153K. This step up involves taking on more challenging projects and responsibilities.
  2. Software Engineer 2 to Software Engineer 3: Advancing to Software Engineer 3, you'll experience an increase in total compensation of $14K, bringing it to $167K. In this role, you'll lead projects and guide junior team members.
  3. Software Engineer 3 to Senior Software Engineer 1: Stepping up to Senior Software Engineer 1, the total compensation remains at $167K. This position will have you overseeing larger technical projects and making critical decisions.
  4. Senior Software Engineer 1 to Senior Software Engineer 2: Progressing to Senior Software Engineer 2, you'll see a rise in total compensation to $194K, an increase of $27K. This role involves more complex engineering challenges and potential leadership opportunities.
  5. Senior Software Engineer 2 to Principal Engineer: As you advance to a Principal Engineer at Grade 13, your total compensation increases significantly to $261K, marking a $67K rise. This role comes with high-level responsibilities, including strategic planning and guiding significant projects.
  6. Principal Engineer to Sr. Principal Engineer/SW Architect: The transition to Sr. Principal Engineer or Software Architect, Grade 14, sees total compensation going up to $308K, an increase of $47K. This position entails leading in architectural decisions and potentially guiding multiple teams.
  7. Sr. Principal Engineer to Sr SW Architect/Director/Sr. Director: Finally, moving into the top bracket as a Sr Software Architect, Director, or Sr. Director at Grade 15, the total compensation leaps to $430K, a substantial increase of $122K. This level involves strategic leadership, significant influence on company direction, and potentially overseeing large departments or divisions.

Location-Based Salary Variations at Autodesk

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The salary for software engineers can vary based on their location. Below is a breakdown of Autodesk software engineer salaries across several key locations.

LocationAverage Base Salay
Austin, TX$220K
San Francisco, CA$159K
Washington, DC$149K
New York, NY$134K
Los Angeles, CA$134K
Portland, OR$133K
Indianapolis, IN$125K
Tel Aviv, Israel$124K
Dallas, TX$111K
Seattle, WA$110K
Montreal, Canada$107K
London, United Kingdom$105K
Boston, MA$101K
Atlanta, GA$101K
Munich, Germany$95K
Toronto, Canada$94K
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Area, AR$84K
Singapore, Singapore$80K
Detroit, MI$79K
Cambridge, United Kingdom$48K

Source: Interview Query

Autodesk Employee Benefits

Autodesk Office

Working at Autodesk brings competitive financial rewards and a comprehensive range of employee-centric benefits. The following are the most crucial benefits employees can take advantage of.

  1. Health and Wellness: Autodesk provides health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and health savings accounts. The employer contributes up to $750 per year to the HSA and up to $1,500 for families. Furthermore, employees can utilize on-site fitness classes and gym facilities and get a yearly wellness reimbursement of $1,000.
  2. Family and Parenting: The company offers a solid support system for parents with benefits such as 18 weeks of maternity leave, 6 weeks of paternity leave, and on-site mother's rooms. Additionally, it provides adoption assistance up to $10,000 per year.
  3. Financial and Retirement: Employees can contribute 10% of their base salary to the Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP) at a 15% discount. Autodesk also offers a Roth 401k and a substantial 75% match on employees' contributions up to $6,000, up to $4,500 per year.
  4. Additional Perks: Autodesk provides several additional perks, including tuition reimbursement, learning and development opportunities, a 100% donation match of up to $5,000, and pet insurance. Employees can also access accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance and business travel insurance.

For a detailed breakdown of all available benefits, you may visit the official Autodesk page on

Autodesk Culture and Work-Life Balance

Autodesk Work Life Balance

Autodesk is known for its work culture. The data provided by Comparably shows that Autodesk strives to create an environment that fosters growth and work-life balance.

DepartmentWork Life BalanceHappinessCulture Score

The product and marketing departments lead the company in happiness, work-life balance, and culture scores. However, there is room for improvement in the operations department. While it maintains a satisfactory culture score and happiness level, the work-life balance is low. This may be due to the demanding nature of operations, causing staff to spend more time at work than they'd prefer.

The engineering and design departments balance work and life reasonably well, though there is scope for improvement. While lower in work-life balance, sales score high in happiness, suggesting that the team still enjoys their work.

Overall, Autodesk nurtures a culture that values happiness and balance, with varying degrees of success across different departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Software Engineers make at Autodesk?

Salary Details for a Software Engineer at Autodesk

Source: Glassdoor

Autodesk offers various levels of software engineer roles, with salaries ranging from $142K for entry-level positions (Software Engineer 1) to $430K for senior positions (Sr SW Architect/Director/Sr. Director).

Q. What is the average salary at Autodesk?

Autodesk Total Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

The average salary for a software engineer at Autodesk varies widely depending on their grade level, starting at $142K for Software Engineer 1 and going up to $430K for Sr. SW Architect/Director/Sr. Director.

Q. What is the highest salary for a Software Engineer at Autodesk?

The highest salary for a Software Engineer role at Autodesk is $430K annually, offered at the Sr SW Architect/Director/Sr. Director level (Grade 15).

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at Autodesk?

Essential skills include a solid understanding of coding languages, problem-solving abilities, knowledge of software development methodologies, and proficiency with tools like AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, and SketchBook.

Q. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at Autodesk?

An entry-level Software Engineer 1 at Autodesk has a total compensation of $142K.

Wrapping Up

A career as a software engineer at Autodesk comes with an attractive salary and a wealth of benefits. Additionally, Autodesk's work culture places a high value on work-life balance, ensuring you can have a fulfilling career while still attending to your personal needs.

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