Truii is a Brisbane-based technology and consulting company that provides products and services for data management, analysis, modelling and reporting.

  • 4 x 8hr days
  • 10-50 employees
  • Hybrid remote
  • Riddells Creek, Australia

Who we are

Our visualization and reporting tools combine beautiful visualizations with practical functionality that allows data to be easily shared. Our planning tools work to optimize investments and help communicate strategies. Our implementation tools make project prioritization and data management easier.

Working at Truii

We are a group of scientists, data visualization experts, designers, engineers, and developers who are dedicated to improving data-driven decision-making by business and government.

Truii projects

Our approach is to solve complex problems by creating tools, which are fit-for-purpose, easy to use, and focus on the user experience.

Our tools primarily support reporting, planning, and delivery of natural resource management.

Employee Benefits

At Truii, we value having a great work-life balance - that's why we offer:

  • 4 day working days (32hrs)
  • Hybrid Remote working
  • 4 weeks paid annual leave + public holidays
  • 11% superannuation paid (on top of salary)
  • Flexible working hours
  • And much more

Truii overview

Working Week

We have a 4 day work week (32hrs) - Mondays are off!

  • 🏖️
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • Fri

Our Vacation Policy

We offer 4 weeks paid time off, plus 2 weeks paid sick leave, plus public holidays.

  • 29 days
  • 52 Mondays
  • 81 days off per year


Top 5
94 / 100
  • +524 days @ 100% salary
  • +1029 days PTO
  • +9Open to remote working
  • +8Flexible working hours
  • +15And much more...

Our working Day

  • 7am
    Work between
  • 9am
    Typical hours

Remote Working Policy

We offer remote working (but require some time in the office) and are a team of 10 and mostly based in Australia.

Our Team

We're a team of 10 across 2 departments:

  • engineering
  • entrepreneurship

Expect to be working with

  • Google Maps
  • IoT
  • Remote
  • SharePoint
  • + many more

Company Benefits

  • 11% superannuation (on top of salary)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Laptop / equipment provided
  • Professional Development Budget

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