The Financial Diet

Earn more, spend less, and live better with what you have.

  • 4 x 8hr days
  • 10-50 employees
  • 100% remote
  • New York, United States

Who we are

We are the premier destination for women to learn and talk about money. With a highly-engaged community on YouTube, web, and social media, we are leading a conversation with millions of women every day.

Started in late 2014 as writer Chelsea Fagan’s personal budget Tumblr, TFD has since grown into a powerful community where young women come to be honest about money. We are narrative, community-oriented, and driven by stories — not boring tips on how to become a millionaire by 30 (because you probably won’t).

The Financial Diet

We are the brand that combines strong voices, beautiful visuals, and hard truths to make money talk something everyone can be a part of, no matter where they’re starting from. We provide useful facts and expert advice, but we know that’s not why readers come back every day, or why thousands of young women come to us to share their finance stories for the first time. Money is human, and when you talk about it right, just as interesting as sex or dating.

Our 4 day work week

We started our 4-day workweek experiment in June 2021, when we shifted our team schedule from 40 hours/week to 32 hours/week, giving everyone Friday off, without any drop in pay.

The financial diet 4 day week

In the 12 months since then, we’ve seen no drop in revenue from the 12 months prior, and employee work-life balance satisfaction metrics, especially around workload and ability to meet deadlines, have improved.

Our benefits

  • 4 day work week (32hrs)
  • Remote working within the USA
  • Flexible hours

Open positions

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The Financial Diet overview

Working Week

It’s been over a year since we shifted to a 32-hour workweek, and we’re not going back.

  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • 🏖️

Our Vacation Policy

Our vacation policy is 15 days

  • 15 days
  • 52 Fridays
  • 67 days off per year


Top 5
89 / 100
  • +524 days @ 100% salary
  • +11100% remote
  • +8Flexible working hours
  • +615 days PTO
  • +12And much more...

Our working Day

  • 7am
    Work between
  • 9am
    Typical hours

Remote Working Policy

We work fully remotely and are a team of 11 and mostly based in USA. Our team works from:

  • New York
  • Vancouver
  • Boston
  • Salt Lake City

Our Team

We're a team of 17 across 3 departments:

  • finance
  • marketing
  • media and commmunication

Expect to be working with

  • AI
  • Ad Unit 300 x 250
  • Ad Unit 728 x 90
  • Hubspot
  • Remote
  • + many more

Company Benefits

  • Flexible working hours
  • Equipment allowance

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