We are one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

  • 4 days @ 88% salary
  • 1,000+ employees
  • Hybrid remote
  • Madrid, Spain

Who we are

Telefónica is today one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of market capitalisation and number of customers.

Telefonica office

We have the best infrastructure, as well as an innovative range of digital and data services; therefore, we are favorably positioned to meet the needs of our customers and capture growth in new businesses.

We are sensitive to the new challenges demanded by society today and, therefore, we provide the means to facilitate communication between people, providing them with the most secure and cutting-edge technology.

Our vision

Our vision is focused on technology making people's lives easier and our aim is to promote progress in that direction, so that technology can make a positive impact on the world both socially and environmentally, and, ultimately, so as to provide value and trust in an ever-changing and accelerating world.

Digital life is life itself, and technology is an essential part of being human. We want to create, protect and boost connections in life so people can choose a world of unlimited possibilities.

We want to be a company in which our clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and society in general can trust. In order to achieve this, we communicate our strategy, business model and most relevant data to our stakeholders in a clear and transparent manner, so as to show the company's ability to create value.

Our team

Having a presence in 24 countries with an average of more than 110,000 employees allows us to generate opportunities to connect talent and fulfil our mission of making the world more human by connecting people’s lives.

Telefonica team

We are looking for people who are restless, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, who are not satisfied and who want to create the Telefonica of the future.

Our benefits

At Telefonica we want to encourage continuous learning and development, new ways of working more agile and flexible, and that you can be part of innovative and challenging projects to connect your talent with ours. Our benefits include:

  • 4 day work week opportunities (32hrs @ 88% salary)
  • Competitive salaries
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Remote working options

Open positions

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Telefonica overview

Working Week

We are piloting a 4 day work week for some of our staff (32hrs @ 88% salary)

  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • 🏖️

Our Vacation Policy

Vacation is dependent on tenure and location. In the UK we offer 23 days PTO plus public holidays

  • 28 days PTO
  • 52 unpaid Fridays
  • 80 days off per year


Top 5
89 / 100
  • +454 days @ 88% salary
  • +1028 days PTO
  • +9Open to remote working
  • +8Flexible working hours
  • +5Healthcare coverage
  • +12And much more...

Remote Working Policy

We are a global company with offices all across the world. Our HQ is based in Madrid, Span. We offer hybrid and remote working opportunities.

  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Columbia
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Ecuador

Our Team

We're a team of 126k across 19 departments:

  • engineering
  • marketing
  • sales
  • business development
  • information technology
  • product management
  • finance
  • consulting
  • data science
  • operations
  • support
  • +8 more teams

Expect to be working with

  • CloudFlare Hosting
  • Drupal
  • Google Maps
  • Mapbox
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Netlify
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce
  • WP Engine
  • Wordpress VIP
  • + many more

Company Benefits

  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) company contribution
  • Flexible working hours
  • Generous parental leave
  • Equipment allowance

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