Montana Nonprofit Association

MNA leads and supports Montana's nonprofits to promote a strong, sustainable sector that improves the quality of life for all Montanans.

  • 4 x 8hr days
  • 10-50 employees
  • Hybrid remote

Who we are

The Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA) stands as a beacon for the nonprofit sector in Montana, providing leadership and support to charitable organizations to foster a sustainable, influential sector. Our core values emphasize belonging, equity, excellence, accessibility, and using influence for the common good.

Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA)

What we do

MNA offers many resources, including organizational development opportunities, a Partners for Good Directory, a Resource Library, and Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana. We aim to connect, support, and advocate for Montana's nonprofits to ensure they have the necessary resources and networks to thrive.

Our team / working at MNA

Our mission-inspired, member-informed, and forward-focused team is dedicated to resourcing the here and now for Montana's nonprofits.. In 2022, MNA piloted a four-day work week to increase well-being among staff without sacrificing productivity, reflecting our commitment to work-life balance and organizational efficiency.

Team Benefits

  • Four-day work week pilot to improve employee well-being and organizational productivity.
  • Access to many learning opportunities, including self-paced courses and member calls designed for networking and sector-wide learning.
  • Membership offers resources, discounts, and services tailored to strengthen and support the nonprofit sector.

Open positions

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Montana Nonprofit Association overview

Working Week

MNA piloted a four-day work week in 2022 to boost well-being and maintain productivity.

  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • 🏖️

Our Vacation Policy

We offer 28 PTO and additional benefits include improving work-life balance.

  • 28 days
  • 52 Fridays
  • 80 days off per year


Top 5
89 / 100
  • +524 days @ 100% salary
  • +1028 days PTO
  • +9Open to remote working
  • +8Flexible working hours
  • +10And much more...

Our working Day

  • 7am
    Work between
  • 9am
    Typical hours

Remote Working Policy

MNA has embraced flexible work practices to enhance staff well-being.

Company Benefits

  • Flexible working hours
  • Mental Health Support

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