10 Best Interview Coaching Services

Discover top 10 interview coaching services to ace your next job interview. Elevate your interview skills and land your dream job today!

10 Best Interview Coaching Services

In today's competitive job market, interviews can be particularly challenging, with employers typically conducting 2-3 rounds before making a hiring decision. Moreover, the rise of virtual interviews since the pandemic has added a new dimension to the process, changing how candidates prepare and present themselves.

With such challenges, career coaching services have become increasingly important. They offer tailored guidance to navigate these complexities, assisting you in impressing the hiring manager with your communication and other relevant skills. Moreover, these services also help manage interview anxiety.

So, navigating the best interview coaching services can be a game-changer in your career journey if you want to refine your interview skills. We have enlisted the top 10 interview coaching services, along with their pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision.

Top 10 Job Interview Coaching Services

ServiceKey FeaturesCan Choose CoachPricingRatings
ResumeSpiceResult-oriented techniquesNo$179 per session4.9/5
Apex Career ServicesMock interviews, Professionalism, Tailored feedbackN/A$129 to $1794.7/5
MentorCruiseOngoing support, Various communication modesYesVaries according to coach’s expertise4.6/5
The Job SauceQuick scheduling, Live feedback, Salary negotiationNoFree tool, $297-$397 for coaching sessions4.6/5
ThumbtackVaried interview styles, Direct communicationYes$75 to $150 per session4.2/5
TopInterviewCustomized strategies, Action plansNo$149 to $3494.2/5
Interview Geniefocus on non-native English speakers, company targetingNo$150 for the first hour, $95-$125 afterward4.0/5
The MuseExperienced job interview coaches, Personalized discussionYes$155 to $6593.3/5
ExponentPeer-to-peer mock interview sessions, Video interviewsYesStarting from $12 per month3.2/5
LinkedInFlexible scheduling, Mock interview, Free guidesYesDepends on coach and service1.4/5

1. Resume Spice

Resume Spice

Ratings: 4.9/5

Pricing: $179 per session

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ResumeSpice is one of the best interview coaching services that has been helping job seekers since 2016. While it is predominantly recognized for its resume writing expertise, the company also provides comprehensive job interview coaching to assist you in excelling during your job interviews.

Resume Spice provides a 55-minute phone or Zoom consultation with one of their interview experts for interview preparation. This service aims to help you prepare for expected and tricky interview questions, improve presentation skills, and streamline the interview process. Besides that, it also specializes in creating personalized resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters.


  • Focus on result-oriented techniques
  • Prepares candidates for a wide range of interview types and questions
  • Provides flexible options for scheduling sessions
  • Accessible regardless of geographic location in the U.S.


  • Primarily focused on resume writing services
  • A limited number of paid sessions

2. Apex Career Services

Apex Career Services

Ratings: 4.7/5

Pricing: $129 to $179

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Apex Career Services offers interview coaching tailored to enhance your interviewing skills and boost your chances of job success. Their coaches, experienced in various professional roles such as recruiters and HR managers, provide insights into best interview practices. The service typically includes interactions with a mock interviewer to practice answers to different questions, including credential, experience verification, behavioral, and competency queries.

Additionally, Apex emphasizes the importance of professionalism, confidence, and appropriate interview responses, ensuring you present yourself effectively. The mock sessions help you navigate the job application process successfully and instill long-term interview skills beneficial for your career. It offers a compelling solution for individuals seeking the best interview coaching services.


  • Quick turnaround for urgent interview preparation needs
  • Training for different formats, including virtual, panel, and in-person interviews
  • Valuable Feedback on body language and non-verbal cues
  • Post-interview support


  • Session time limits
  • Primarily caters to specific industries

3. MentorCruise


Ratings: 4.6/5

Pricing: Starting from $149

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MentorCruise is a premier platform for those seeking executive coaching services for interviews. It is tailored to enhance your crucial interview skills, facilitated by various mentoring packages. Each package includes services like unlimited chat, email, or text with a mentor and a specified number of monthly calls.

The coaches at MentorCruise are experts in identifying and addressing gaps in interview prep. Their industry expertise is a significant asset, providing valuable insights into what employers seek. The career coach ensures you are well-prepared for your interviews through a comprehensive interview process that includes in-depth research, expert tips, and post-interview follow-ups.


  • Provides ongoing support
  • Offers various modes of communication
  • Networking opportunities
  • 7-day free trial with some mentors


  • Variable pricing across mentors
  • Mentor availability and responsiveness may vary

4. The Job Sauce

The Job Sauce

Ratings: 4.6/5

Pricing: Free interview audit tool, Two Interview Coaching Sessions ($297), and Three Interview Coaching Sessions ($397)

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The Job Sauce, established in 2014, has made a significant impact in the field of career coaching. The service boasts a team of experienced resume writers and career coaches who have collectively contributed to notable successes. This includes helping clients secure job offers at prestigious companies like Google, FedEx, Amazon, Apple, and IBM.

It offers on-demand coaching support, with a master interview coach available for the first call within one business day. Another feature of this service is its mind-hacking storytelling technique. This method focuses on crafting responses to the interview questions in a way that vividly portrays your potential contributions to the prospective employer's team. Alongside this, their emphasis on building confidence is also a critical part of the coaching for the interview process.


  • Quick turnaround times for scheduling the first mock interview session
  • Offers honest interview feedback, an action plan, and a bonus salary negotiation discussion
  • Diverse packages catering to various needs
  • Showcases success stories from a wide range of professionals


  • Does not provide detailed information about individual coaches’ credentials and backgrounds
  • No free trial is offered to evaluate the service before purchase

5. Thumbtack

Ratings: 4.2/5

Pricing: $75 to $150 per session

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Thumbtack is an online best-interview coaching service that connects job seekers with a wide range of local professionals. One of its key advantages is finding interview coaches with niche backgrounds or experiences to improve your interview skills. Moreover, the platform allows you to choose between in-person or virtual coaching sessions, adding a layer of convenience.

Thumbtack's system lets you enter your specific requirements, such as location, budget, and coaching needs, to match with the right interview coach. However, it’s essential for you to carefully review before selecting one that aligns with your specific requirements and career goals. Badges such as Top Pro, In High Demand, and Great Value can assist in identifying highly rated and valuable experts on the platform.


  • Varied coaching styles for interview success
  • Direct communication between the user and the coach before booking a session
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Transparent display of pricing and reviews


  • Geographical limitations for in-person sessions
  • No standardized coaching framework

6. TopInterview


Ratings: 4.2/5

Pricing: Essential Coaching ($149), Standard Coaching ($249), and Professional Coaching ($349)

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TopInterview is rated highly for its excellent interview coaching service, with clients often progressing to successful interviews at top companies. Its approach is centered around customizing strategies to enhance your interview performance. This customization is achieved through a detailed understanding of your background, resume, and dream job roles.

If we talk about features, one of the most notable ones is the flexibility in its coaching methods. It offers sessions via phone or video, based on your preferences. Moreover, the service includes detailed session notes and a personalized action plan, ensuring the advice and strategies are tailored to your needs.


  • Action plans cover various interviewing aspects like elevator pitches and handling behavioral interviews
  • Provides coaching on niche areas like stress interviews and salary negotiations
  • Allows clients to create custom plans
  • Unstructured interviews to build your conversational skills


  • A higher price point, especially for entry-level professionals
  • Availability of coaches might vary

7. Interview Genie

Interview Genie

Ratings: 4.0/5

Pricing: 1:1 Interview Coaching ($150 for the first hour and $125 for subsequent hours), Interview Document Editing ($95 per document), and Written Answer Feedback ($95 per set of answers)

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Interview Genie, founded and operated by Jennifer Scupi, is a specialized provider of the best interview coaching services. It combines editorial and interviewing skills, corporate communication expertise, and teaching capabilities, offering a unique blend. The features provided by Interview Genie include one-on-one interview practice, interview document editing, and written answer feedback.

The one-on-one coaching involves brainstorming on answers, conducting mock interviews, and boosting overall confidence in the interviewing process. Similarly, the interview document editing service provides unlimited revisions, helping you refine your interview-related documents but not resumes. Furthermore, the written answer feedback aids in fine-tuning responses to better target job descriptions and showcase strengths appropriate for your seniority level.


  • Focus on non-native English speakers
  • Offers targeted coaching for companies like Amazon, Google, and others
  • Specializes in teaching how to construct and deliver compelling stories during interviews
  • The length and focus of each session can be customized


  • No hands-on technical training
  • Does not specialize in technical coaching for interview prep

8. The Muse

The Muse

Ratings: 3.3/5

Pricing: Mentor ($155), Coach ($329), and Master Coach ($659)

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The Muse offers a unique blend of career advice, job search strategies, and personalized coaching services. To begin the coaching process, select a package tailored to your career goals. Then, you have to schedule an appointment for a session that aims to refine your interview skills, tackle tough questions, and boost overall confidence.

The Muse's interview coaching services are structured into three tiers: Mentor, Coach, and Master Coach, with prices starting at $155. Each tier offers a 75-minute Skype session, including a preliminary chat and one mock interview, followed by feedback and a follow-up action plan.


  • Access to a selection of best interview coaches with detailed bios and reviews
  • Comprehensive coaching session including both personalized discussion and a mock interview
  • Coaching is aligned with current industry trends and practices
  • Service is provided via a convenient and user-friendly online platform


  • Higher pricing compared to some other services.
  • Absence of a clear refund policy

9. Exponent


Ratings: 3.2/5

Pricing: Starting from $12 per month

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Exponent is a comprehensive interview preparation platform for tech roles, including product management, software engineering, data science, and more. A standout feature of Exponent is its peer-to-peer mock interview service, which allows you to practice your interview skills with others, thereby receiving and providing feedback.

Besides this interactive approach, it also provides video interviews with industry leaders, which include valuable insights and tips for career success. Additionally, it offers certificates of course completion, which can enhance your resume or LinkedIn profile. Moreover, the platform's 1:1 job interview coaching session covers resume reviews, career coaching, and negotiation.


  • Community-based learning
  • Flexible learning options with self-paced courses
  • Offers a database of over 2,000 verified interview questions
  • Engaging with industry experts through the platform can provide valuable networking opportunities


  • Mock interview services are limited to specific times
  • Might not cater to all niche fields within the tech industry

10. LinkedIn


Ratings: 1.4/5

Pricing: Depends on the interview coach and the type of service you select

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LinkedIn's interview coaching services have garnered attention for their effectiveness and convenience. One of its standout features is the flexibility in scheduling and coach selection. You can purchase coaching hours and use them with any coach, choosing from various specialists. The coaching sessions typically include a mock interview followed by feedback, with the total duration being around an hour.

Moreover, LinkedIn has positioned itself as an affordable option, with competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee policy. If unsatisfied with their session, you can request a refund within 24 hours. Last but not least, it also provides free interview guides covering various topics, from system design to behavioral questions, enhancing the entire preparation experience.


  • Ability to book sessions with minimal notice
  • Pre- and post-session communication with an expert interview coach
  • Varied service offerings, including resume review, LinkedIn profile optimization, etc.
  • Tailored preparation for specific roles and companies


  • Due to high demand, there might be a waiting period before the session
  • Refund policy limitations

Final Thoughts

Exploring the best interview coaching services is a strategic step towards enhancing your interview skills and boosting your professional journey. Each service in this article offers unique advantages, from experienced coaches and tailored mock interviews to preparation for various interview scenarios. Therefore, weighing the pros and cons to find the right fit for your needs and career aspirations is essential.

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