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🎬 Job Alert: Part-Time Video Editor Wanted! πŸŽ₯

Hey there, Video Maestro! Are you ready to join an awesome team? Our client is on the hunt for a talented Part-Time Video Editor to bring their creative visions to life. If you've got the skills to make videos pop and the passion for storytelling, this gig is for you!

πŸš€ What You'll Be Doing: πŸš€

  • Editing and crafting eye-catching videos.
  • Collaborating with a dynamic team.
  • Adding that extra 'wow' factor to every project.

🎯 What They're Looking For: 🎯

  • Proven video editing chops (show us your reel!).
  • Familiarity with editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, etc.).
  • A flair for storytelling and a creative spark.

πŸ’Ό Job Deets: πŸ’Ό

  • Part-Time: You'll have time for your Netflix binge sessions.
  • Location: Remote or in the heart of the city.

Ready to dive into the world of creative video editing? Apply now!

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Our Team

We're a team of 8 across 2 departments:

  • human resources
  • entrepreneurship

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Video Editing
  • Storytelling

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