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Only considering candidates eligible to work in Poland ⚠️

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We are seeking experienced software engineers and coders to be part of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution.

If you are an experienced software engineer, computer scientist, programmer, or just great at solving coding challenges (Codeforces, Sphere Online Judge, Leetcode, etc.), this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Join our team in training AI models to excel at coding generation! We're seeking talented software engineers to work remotely on exciting projects. As part of this opportunity, you'll contribute to training generative artificial intelligence models, helping them become proficient coders and building the next generation of coding tools.


  • Complete fluency in the English language is required. You should be able to describe code and abstract information in a clear way.
  • Proficiency working with any of the the following:
  • Python, Java, JavaScript / TypeScript, SQL, C/C++/C# and/or HTML
  • 5+ years of work experience required
  • Proven interest in AI
  • Please note, this is part time role (15-20 hours / week) offering below hourly rates as per experience and interview performance, In addition to the hourly rate, other performance cash incentives will also be awarded.;
  • USD $20.00- 25.00/hour
  • Fully remote
  • Flexible timings. You decide your work schedule
  • Cutting-Edge Projects : Work on challenging projects that push the boundaries of AI coding abilities

Post CV submission, please click on the link to take our 30 mins AI interview with Coding and one of our recruiter will get back to you with an update on the outcome in 7 working days.

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