Social Media Marketing Manager

Amy Porterfield Inc

We offer a 4 Day Workweek (32hrs @ 100% salary)

Only considering candidates who are eligible to work in Nashville, USA ⚠️

Position Overview

Are you a digital social butterfly who is at the forefront of all the latest and emerging social trends, knows how to grow an online community, create authentic engagement, leverage existing social media channels to grow an email list, and convert onlookers into buyers? Are compelling Instagram captions and social strategy your love languages? If the answer is an enthusiastic heck to the yes, you’re in the right place.

We’re looking for a social media manager who understands that success starts with a 4-pronged approach; strategy, execution, community, and analysis.

Our ideal candidate understands that social media isn’t all about likes and comments, it’s about moving the needle, creating brand awareness, and most importantly — finding ways to attract and engage our ideal audience so that they become raving fans and customers.

This position’s primary focus will be to expand the reach of our business, brand, podcast, and online training programs by strategizing, creating, distributing, and curating engaging content for our audience through various social media channels.

You’re excited to work with a team that’s making waves in the online marketing industry and committed to changing lives and businesses.

As the social media marketing manager for the Amy Porterfield brand, you’ll be representing her and the entire company — and yes, that is a big deal! You’ll be stepping into an important role that requires creativity, strategic prowess, and great communication skills.

A commitment to continuously learning, improving, and refining your skills is a part of who you are. As an online business, we do things differently and we need someone who’s adaptable and able to work independently and collaboratively with our innovative (and super fun) team.

This is a full-time position — please don’t apply if you have other clients or manage a virtual assistant agency. You’ll report directly to our Director of Marketing, while also working closely with other key members of the team.

The Social Media Marketing Manager position will be mostly work from home, however in-person collaboration with Amy is required, therefore, you must live within a 45 minute drive of Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to in-person work locally, this position will travel quarterly with Amy to work during special events and speaking engagements.

We’re not your average company — we always make sure our team members have plenty of freedom and flexibility to live their best lives, recharge, and have fun. (Major perks of working as a remote team!)

That said, the online marketing world doesn’t take breaks — that’s why we need our team members to be flexible, too. The tasks required in this role typically fit into a Monday – Thursday 8 am – 5 pm schedule but during product launches and busy seasons, we tend to tap into hours outside that range.

Duties and Responsibilities

Our Social Media Marketing Manager will primarily be responsible for:

    • Social Media Growth: Developing strategies to grow our social media platforms both in customer engagement (comments, dialogue, sharing) and the numeric value (number of followers, friends).
    • Email List Growth: Developing social strategies that make growing our email list a priority and that promote our email list in consistent, ongoing social media campaigns.
    • Chat Funnel Marketing: Responsible for leading and being point of contact for our external social media Chat Funnel Marketing team which launches lead-generating and revenue-generating chat funnels.
    • Setting Channel-Specific Goals and Guidelines: What works on Instagram might not work on Pinterest. Create a channel-specific strategy and best practices guidelines for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
    • Research: Researching and staying up to speed on new social media marketing strategies and how we can use them to add value to our audience.
    • Determine Important KPIs: Determine what measurements will be tracked to help us see what works and what doesn’t, where we need to double down, and how our social efforts are leading to more leads and sales.
    • Campaign Creation: Partner with our content and marketing team to help support our product launches on the social front. You’ll do this by designing and executing results-driven, lead-generating, and high-converting social media campaigns.
    • HubSpot CRM Tools: Manage social media by associating social posts with relevant marketing campaigns inside of HubSpot. You’ll be responsible for some creation in HubSpot including forms, workflows, and lists.
    • Social Media Brand Management: Act as the brand voice for Amy Porterfield across all social media platforms by developing and executing a regular posting strategy, including creating and/or repurposing engaging content that establishes our presence as an authority
    • Create Content Calendars: Create a strategic and organized content calendar that ties into what promotions or pre-launch period we’re in, what’s going on in the world, in Amy’s life and business, what podcasts are being released, and more.
    • Copywriting: Follow the guidelines of our in-depth brand voice guide and write social copy that matches Amy’s voice and feels relatable and informal. We want our audience to feel like they’re sitting on the couch chatting with Amy over a latte.
    • Community Management: Owning community engagement and responding to customers who voice their feedback, questions, or complaints on social media channels. You’ll do this (with the help from our internal team) by posting engaging content, soliciting relationships, initiating discussion, monitoring comments, answering questions, being highly responsive, and elevating any concerns or arising themes to our customer experience team.
    • Weekly Reporting: creating streamlined, easy to digest, high-level reports detailing top posts, follower growth, campaign success and any other important metrics the marketing team should know about.
    • Tracking and Reporting Analytics: Constantly tracking and reporting on social analytics and metrics, making suggestions for improvement based on your findings in these reports. Measuring sentiment about our brand, products, and services on the social web and responding accordingly.
    • Monitoring Community: Gathering important feedback and insights from our communities on social and sharing with the team in addition to tweaking content strategy to match what our community is asking for and/or in need of.

Skills, Abilities and Experience

You are a strong fit for this position if the statements below are true for you:

  • Social media is your passion. You can easily spot an effective social media channel and identify the qualities that make it successful.
  • You are a video editor extraordinaire, you know that viral value, video fundamentals, and data analytics are the 3 factors that create an excellent campaign.
  • You are constantly paying attention to what is working for leading brands and can visualize how it can apply to our brand.
  • You have the analytical prowess and technical knowledge to effectively manage an organic social content calendar that drives engagement on our platforms.
  • You are a thinker and a doer. This position is a mix of both. You can come up with strong, smart strategies and you also don’t hesitate to jump in and implement them.
  • You understand the power of a good story and you are a master at asking the right questions of the right people to bring that story to life.
  • You're an effective communicator, especially in writing. Your grammar and writing skills are top-notch.
  • You have a knack for identifying trends before they become trends and pride yourself in implementing them quickly to be first to market with your new ideas.
  • You are masterful at tapping into the unique voice of our brand.
  • You love measuring and tracking the success of your campaigns and growth endeavors. You rely on analytics to give you insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Application Instructions

Please note: This remote position requires regular in-person collaboration in Nashville, Tennessee. Applicants must reside within a 45 minute drive of Nashville, Tennessee to be considered.

If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the following via email to [email protected]:

  • Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  • Answers to the following questions via email:
    • 1. ) If you were hired, what 3 things would you implement to strengthen Amy’s social media platforms/presence and why?
    • 2. ) What are the most common notes you give your editors to optimize their videos?
    • 3. ) How do your clients make money while still keeping goodwill with their audience?
    • 4. ) Which competitors in Amy’s community do you think are doing a great job at building their social community through engaging content?
    • 5. ) How did you learn about this opportunity?
  • A 3-minute video introduction. (We will not review videos longer than 3 minutes. Please ensure the video is viewable to anyone with the link.)

Salary: $70,000 – $75,000 based on experience

Although we permit “side gigs” / work outside this role, it must not compete or overlap with the work we do, or interfere with your role and responsibilities within the team. Any consulting, coaching or side gigs related to marketing, business building or entrepreneurship are not permitted. This allows us to project a united front, show that we are in this together as one business, and have the greatest possible impact.

Want to learn a little bit more about us? Keep reading!

What We Do:

We empower entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses that bring creative, professional and personal freedom.

In everything we do, we aim to inspire confidence and action. Our signature service is helping budding entrepreneurs break free in the areas of business that were once holding them back into new levels of joy and fulfillment. We give these entrepreneurs tangible proof that small actions every day will ultimately build a business worth creating and a life guided by their own design.

We lead a fun-loving culture and a dedicated team that is committed to excellence. We always find the upside to any situation and maintain the strength and flexibility to change course as our business evolves.

Meet Amy

You might know Amy Porterfield from her top-rated “Online Marketing Made Easy” podcast, or from the courses and webinars she offers to help entrepreneurs build their business through social media and online marketing strategies. To learn more about our fearless leader, check out the details here.

Our Values

Our team is ambitious (always striving for excellence), hungry (competitive to the core; always wanting to be at the top) and enthusiastic (always excited about the work we are doing.)

Purposeful Ambition

→ We value drive, hard work and kicking ass. When the heat’s turned up, we step up to the challenge. We are equally thoughtful about our commitments.

Unyielding Compassion

→ We believe that everyone is doing the very best they can in the moment. We lead with love, patience and understanding.

Openly Coachable

→ We believe in continuous growth and are open to feedback and necessary tough conversations to move us forward.

Creative Resourcefulness

→ We are strategic and thoughtful in our actions. We believe there is always a way to make it work and we will do the digging to figure it out. We rely on each other when we get stuck.

Unwavering Integrity

→ We take pride in our reputation as industry leaders. We are honest, professional and intentional.

Total Ownership

→ We believe we are all leaders. We own our individual positions like a boss.

Intentional Margin

→ We prioritize the down time so that we can be our best when we are showing up for ourselves, our team members and our students.

Proactive Inclusivity

→ We believe in the diversity and inclusion of all people regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and religion. This includes thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences.

Team Porterfield Perks:

Did we forget to mention all of the Team Porterfield perks after 90 days of employment? We're fast-paced and rapidly growing. Our small but mighty team is full of talented and motivated individuals who enjoy coming into work. But these awesome perks help just a little too:

  • 4 Day Workweek/Flexible Work Schedule – Outside of launches, our company operates on a 4-day workweek schedule. Spend your long weekends however you’d like — a few team favorites include hiking new trails, watching Bridgerton, meal prepping something delicious, or grabbing a beer on a patio!
  • Flexible Time Off and Sick Leave – Two words… unlimited PTO. Because working hard and taking full ownership of your role doesn’t come at the expense of lifestyle freedom.
  • Paid Holidays – including a Thanksgiving Break and Holiday Break!
  • Birthday Leave – Oh yes, you read that right. Never working on your birthday again. Hit the beach or the spa, we don’t care what you do, just don’t come to work!
  • Team Vacation – Pack your bags! Amy treats her team members to an annual team trip to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of our employees. No work — just play!
  • Health Insurance – Health is wealth, my friend! And we make sure that accessing quality healthcare is never a concern for members of Team Porterfield.
  • Bonus Potential – Hard work and smashing goals don’t go unnoticed — or unrewarded! — here on Team Porterfield. We’ll fill you in on all the deets about bonus potential!
  • Retirement Savings Plan – Roth or 401k…whatever your preference, we’ve got a generous match!
  • Financial Planning Assistance – You’re an expert at a lot of things…why not add personal finances to that list! A team of professional wealth strategy partners is available to provide financial planning assistance however you’d like it, from retirement to personal finances to investing to saving.
  • Learning Opportunities – A mastermind, summit, or learning experience that will enrich your knowledge in your particular role? It’s on us!
  • Life Coach Benefit – Pssst! We’ll split the bill.
  • Charitable Donation – Your big heart is our favorite thing about you. It’s our delight to make a donation in your name to a charity each year.
  • New Parent Leave – A benefit bundle of joy! Full-time team members receive 10 weeks of paid parental leave and an optional 2 weeks of unpaid leave.

The Team:

  • What can we say? We really like each other! From team building events and virtual happy hours to annual team trips, we like to work hard and play hard!
  • Plus you’ll be workin’ for boss lady Amy Porterfield! (Did you know she was nominated for Forbes’ Top Social Media Influencer?)

The Culture:

  • Forget the traditional corporate culture. Amy left that behind years ago for a reason and has created something entirely different! Have a question? Have an emergency? Having a bad day? At Team Porterfield we’re all family, here to support each other. You’ll find coworkers that cheer on your professional milestones as well as your personal victories.
  • We believe in the diversity and inclusion of people regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and religion. This includes thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences. We are a pro-inclusion and anti-racism organization dedicated to upholding and enforcing policies to support it.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to effectively communicate via chat/messaging systems and email. The employee is frequently required to remain in a stationary position and occasionally required to move from one location to another. The employee is required to constantly use computer and office productivity equipment such as a desktop computer, laptop, and printer, as well as computer software such as Google Suite for Business. The employee may frequently move up to 10 pounds.

Disclaimer: All job requirements are subject to possible revision to reflect changes in the position requirements or to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. Some requirements may exclude individuals who pose a threat or risk to the health and safety of themselves or other employees. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to which will be required in this position. Employees will be required to follow other job-related duties as requested by their supervisor/manager (within guidelines and compliance with Federal and State Laws). Continued employment remains on an “at-will” basis.

Working Week

We offer a 4 Day Workweek (32hrs @ 100% salary)

  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • 🏖️

Remote Working Policy

We are 100% remote within the US with a base in Nashville.

  • USA

Company Benefits

  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) company contribution
  • Transparent Salaries
  • Flexible working hours
  • Generous parental leave
  • Company retreats
  • Equipment allowance
  • Professional Development Budget
  • Yearly bonuses
  • Mental Health Support

Our Team

We're a team of 36 across 5 departments:

  • marketing
  • support
  • operations
  • arts and design
  • administrative

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Social Media Management
  • Email List Growth
  • Chat Funnel Marketing
  • Determining KPIs
  • Campaign Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Community Management
  • Reporting Analytics

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