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⚠️ Europe only. Your application will be automatically rejected otherwise

Company information is the tool of choice for over 100,000 developers and designers worldwide. We're looking for a Senior Mac Developer that can continue our amazing journey. This is a full-time, 100% remote position.

Work Environment In your first weeks, you will learn the code base and our workflows within the team and organization by working on more isolated and smaller features. After this time, your work will involve the following topics:

  • Tower Application: Tower is written in Swift/Objective-C and is using a mature, modular and stable MVC architecture. Tower uses a strict asynchronous data model to be as performant as possible. New code is written in Swift, slowly replacing Objective-C with Swift.
  • Git SCM: The heart of Tower is based on the Git SCM. We constantly try to improve Tower beyond basic Git workflows. For example, we introduced a true “Undo” functionality to Tower using Git calls. Learn the inner workings of Git to create new features that help users to be more productive.
  • Git Services: Improve and extend our integration with Git services like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc. Learn how to use their APIs to integrate them into Tower, e.g. for listing and managing Pull Requests.
  • Team Work: Collaboratively plan and develop features for releases with your teammates using GitHub milestones, issues and code reviews. Attend weekly check-ins in the Tower Mac team to discuss progress, problems and next steps.
  • Unit Tests: Writing unit tests is an essential part of ensuring Tower's stability for existing and new features. We use CI to automatically run tests of frameworks and the main Tower app upon push.
  • Maintenance: No code is perfect. There will always be bugs to fix and you will have time to work on refactorings to improve code quality which is important for any long running project.
  • Technical Support: Respond to technical questions from our support team in an alternating weekly model with your teammates.

What we offer...

  • Remote working from home (or anywhere you’d like!)
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (yes, we are at that level of professionalism)
  • Product development, 100% impact, minimum bureaucracy, start-up environment, nice & friendly team
  • Mentorship & Learning from excellent colleagues

What you bring to the table...

  • 5+ years professional Objective-C and/or Swift development experience
  • Good experience with Cocoa frameworks
  • Proven track record working on larger professional software projects
  • Ability to review code and write unit tests
  • Deliver high quality software in a collaborative team environment
  • Attention to great design & user experience
  • A deep dedication to deliver a true Mac experience
Apply for job

⚠️ Europe only. Your application will be automatically rejected otherwise

A Software-as-a-Service portfolio company

Our Working Week

We are open to a 4 day week for 85% salary (i.e. not 80%)

Our 4 day week = any day off

Our Vacation Policy

We have an unlimited vacation policy. On average this works out as:

  • 25 days PTO
  • 52 unpaid days
  • 77 days off per year

Our Remote Working Policy

We offer ultimate flexibility. Working 100% remotely from whether you'd like (European timezone preferred). At our colleagues have the opportunity to work 4 days per week. For these 20% less of your time, they'll have to give up on only 15% of your compensation

  • Germany
  • Romania
  • USA
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Spain
  • UK

Our Employee Benefits

  • 401(k) company contribution
  • Flexible working hours
  • Company retreats
  • Equipment allowance

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