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Civitas Networks for Health

Civitas Networks for Health is a national collaborative comprised of member organizations working to use health information exchange, health data, and multi-stakeholder, cross-sector approaches to improve health. Civitas was previously known as the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement and the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative, and today represents more than 160 member organizations and business partners moving and using data to improve health outcomes across the U.S. Civitas educates, promotes, and influences both the private sector and federal and state policymakers on matters of interoperability, quality, coordination, health equity, and cost-effectiveness of health care. Working with healthcare and public health innovators at the state and local levels, Civitas facilitates the exchange of valuable resources, tools, and ideas — and offers a national perspective on upcoming standards and regulations, emerging technologies, and best practices.

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Company Description

Civitas Networks for Health raises the voices of local health collaboratives putting in the hard work to change the way health care operates. From the secure exchange of life-saving data to the accountability of multi-stakeholder health improvement initiatives, our member organizations have built the most trusted, connected, and inventive programs to serve their communities, regions, and states. By supporting these nonprofit collaboratives and sharing their successes with other programs and at the national level, Civitas is helping speed progress toward higher quality, better connected health care in the U.S.

Civitas is a small, high-performing, fully remote team of professionals who are working both to serve our 170+ member organizations across the country and to deliver on our mission. Our members represent regional health improvement collaboratives, regional and statewide health information exchanges, all-payer claims databases, quality improvement organizations, data collaboratives, and affiliated organizations. Our federal and national grant-funded programs focus on multi-site data-driven approaches to advance health and health equity. The ideal person to serve in this role is looking for an opportunity to grow within a dynamic nonprofit organization with an important mission and is interested in developing subject-matter expertise in Civitas' areas of focus.

Job Description

Civitas Networks for Health is seeking a part-time Salesforce Developer and Administrator Contractor to design, develop, and maintain Salesforce solutions tailored to meet our specific business requirements. Civitas is a national nonprofit member- and mission-driven organization that supports local collaboratives in transforming healthcare operations through secure data exchange and multi-stakeholder health improvement initiatives.

Role Summary

The contractor will collaborate with stakeholders, develop custom applications, integrate Salesforce with other systems, and ensure the platform's efficiency and effectiveness. This independent role involves working remotely and autonomously.

Example Responsibilities

Solution Design and Development

  • Requirement Analysis: Gather and analyze business requirements from various stakeholders to translate them into technical specifications.
  • Custom Development: Design, develop, and deploy custom Salesforce solutions using Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning components, ensuring they meet the specific needs of Civitas.
  • Business Logic Implementation: Implement complex business logic, workflows, and automation processes within the Salesforce platform to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
  • Application Maintenance: Develop and maintain custom Salesforce applications, including user interfaces, data models, and system integrations, ensuring they function seamlessly.

Salesforce Administration and Configuration

  • User Management: Administer user accounts, roles, and profiles, ensuring appropriate access controls and security settings are in place.
  • Data Management: Perform data migrations, manage data import/export processes, and ensure data integrity within the Salesforce platform.
  • Security Best Practices: Implement and maintain Salesforce security best practices, including access controls, field-level security, and data encryption, to protect sensitive information.
  • System Monitoring: Monitor system performance, troubleshoot issues, and optimize the Salesforce environment to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

Integration and Data Management

  • System Integration: Integrate Salesforce with other internal and external systems and third-party applications using REST/SOAP APIs, middleware solutions, and other integration tools.
  • Data Integration: Design and implement data integration processes, including ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations, to ensure seamless data flow between systems.
  • Data Quality: Ensure data quality and consistency across integrated systems, developing and maintaining data migration scripts and processes as needed.

Documentation and Support

  • Technical Documentation: Create and maintain comprehensive technical documentation, including design specifications, user guides, and process flows, to ensure clarity and consistency.
  • Technical Support: Provide technical guidance and support to team members and end-users, addressing issues and ensuring they can effectively use Salesforce solutions.
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: Conduct training sessions and knowledge transfer activities to empower team members and stakeholders with the skills and knowledge needed to utilize Salesforce effectively.

Continuous Improvement

  • Stay Updated: Keep up-to-date with the latest Salesforce features, updates, and best practices, incorporating new capabilities and improvements into the organization's Salesforce environment.
  • Process Improvement: Identify and recommend process improvements and new Salesforce solutions to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness, driving continuous innovation.
  • Code Review: Participate in code reviews, ensuring adherence to coding standards and best practices, and fostering a culture of quality and excellence.


Requirements/Experience Sought

  • Proven experience as a Salesforce Developer and Administrator, with a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience.
  • Strong proficiency in Apex, Visualforce, SOQL, SOSL, and Salesforce Lightning components.
  • Experience with Salesforce integrations using REST/SOAP APIs, middleware, and ETL tools.
  • Solid understanding of Salesforce security, data model, and best practices.
  • Salesforce certifications such as Platform Developer I/II, Administrator, App Builder, or others are highly desirable.
  • Preferred experience with membership organizations and other nonprofit customers or clients.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to work effectively with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.

Additional Information


  • Hourly Rate Range: $60 to $90/hour for the contractor position. Exact compensation may vary based on skills, qualifications, and experience of the candidate.
  • This role is a part-time, independent contractor position and does not offer any benefits.

Additional Details

  • This is a remote contractor position, and the individual will be responsible for providing their own equipment and workspace.
  • The contractor will be expected to work closely with Civitas' team members and stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery.
  • A service agreement and scope of work will be drafted and executed to detail the hours, rate, and scope of the services.
Civitas Networks for

Civitas Networks for Health is a national collaborative comprised of member organizations working to use health information exchange, health data, and multi-stakeholder, cross-sector approaches to improve health.

Our Team

We're a team of 13 across 5 departments:

  • business development
  • operations
  • finance
  • administrative
  • media and commmunication

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • SOQL
  • SOSL
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Salesforce Integrations
  • ETL
  • Data Management
  • User Management
  • Security Best Practices
  • System Monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • Process Improvement
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Independent Work

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