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Unfortunately, this role is now closed


We will start hiring for this role in the upcoming weeks with an estimated start date in June/ July 2022. If you are interested and would like to get in touch with us, feel free to apply.

At a glance

  • The company: Unito is a software startup that helps work collaboration tools speak to each other. We’re currently 60+ employees and growing fast!
  • The role: In this role you will build and scale new products and features for our client facing applications.
  • Ideal seniority level: Junior (usually up to 2 years of experience).
  • The pay: We have transparent and data-backed salaries. You’ll find the salary range associated with this role in the “More on the salary” section below.
  • The benefits: Health insurance / $1,000 per year wellness spending budget for self-improvement / 4 weeks of vacation (3 weeks + holiday season) / Stock options.
  • The team: We’re looking to add developers to 3 teams: the apps team that works on our customer-facing applications, the connectors team in charge of building our integrations platform, and the sync-engine team that builds and maintains the backbone of our tech.
  • The office situation: We're a hybrid company. All employees are based in Montreal where we have our office and can choose to work remotely for part of the week (government covid measures always prevail).
  • The hiring process: The last step is a paid pilot project. Your time is valuable, we don’t intend to abuse it.

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More on the role

We are hiring several software developers to join one of those teams:

  • Apps team: currently a team of 5 developers that works on the frontend of our product to build and scale new features for our client-facing applications. If you like making a very technical product super accessible and user friendly, this team is for you!
  • Connectors team: currently a team of 10 developers working on building integrations with many different types of tools like project management tools (eg. Trello & Asana), dev tools (eg. GitHub & Jira), customer relationship management tools (eg. Hubspot & Zendesk), and many other categories (eg. Slack & Google Suite). If you like dealing with APIs and building SDKs, this is the team for you!
  • Sync-engine team: currently a team of 4 developers focused on building and growing our platform that makes all these integrations and applications work seamlessly. If you’re looking for a super complex technical challenge, you’ll feel at home in this team.

No matter which team you join, you will be part of our larger software development team that likes following these core principles.

The main responsibilities

  • Deploy new features to production and overhaul existing features
  • Participate in the planning of major projects
  • Work with various stakeholders and contribute to the definition of the product roadmap
  • Be part of a team that loves automated testing, code reviewing and constantly raises the bar on quality
  • Work with React, Redux, Node, AWS, Typescript (it’s ok if you’ve never worked with these though, we know a good developer can quickly ramp up on new languages!)

The experience we need

We don’t believe in adding 10 requirements just to fill a job posting. We keep the list short and only mention what will be necessary for you to perform in this role. If you don’t fit these criteria but decide to apply anyway, make sure you let us know why in the questionnaire you’ll receive later on.

  • You have a diploma in computer science (or a related field) or you’ve learned how to program in a bootcamp or online and have used those skills in a professional context for 1+ year.
  • You have built applications with a team of developers before
  • You like working in team, solving problems in pair programming sessions, and collaborating on technical decisions

Other skills that will be valued

These are not requirements but will likely help you ramp up faster and succeed at Unito.

  • Have experience using Node.js, TypeScript and React
  • Like using data-driven development methods
  • Have a good understanding of how design systems work and maintaining multiple client applications
  • Are bilingual (French & English)
  • Have used some of the tools that we integrate

More on the salary

We decided to share the salary associated with this job posting publicly because pay transparency is at the core of Unito and has a tremendous impact on workplace equity.

Two things to note before we get to the numbers:

  • We have fully transparent and data-backed salaries. Which means pay is an open and fair discussion at Unito. Read more on exactly what that means here.
  • If your salary expectations are higher than the range indicated below, it’s probably because you’re more senior than what we initially targeted. We’re always willing to hire someone more senior if they’re the right fit, and we will always pay our staff fairly. So you should still apply if this role and company are what you’re looking for.

The range:

  • Our ideal seniority level: junior (level 1 in our leveling system)
  • The corresponding salary: around $70,000

More on Unito

Describing everything we are and do in a short paragraph is really tough! So we spent some time designing a great career page that highlights what it’s like to work at Unito. Check it out if you’d like to learn more! If you’d rather not go down a rabbit hole just yet, here are the main things we believe make Unito different from your run-of-the-mill startup:

  • We REALLY care about company culture. Everyone describes the team as a strong community with a real sense of belonging and caring.
  • We pay our employees fairly and transparently. All employee and executive salaries are public, along with how we came up with the numbers.
  • Our product is all about optimizing team collaboration, and that’s something we practice constantly internally.
  • We still have an office and don’t intend to give it up because we believe in-person interactions foster creativity and reinforce that sense of community that makes us who we are.

If you want to read more on our company and culture, head over to our Career Page. If you’d like to see for yourself if our staff relays the same message, head over to Glassdoor.​​

Get paid for a trial run!

Our hiring process is a two-way street. After you go through an initial phone screen and interview, you’ll get a chance to work on a paid pilot project to see if Unito’s a good fit for you. It’s your chance to show us how you work and our chance to show you why Unito is a great place to do it.

  • Work with the team: You'll be working on a real project that Unito needs to get done, not a standardized test. You also get to collaborate with your potential team.
  • Get paid: We are not going to waste your time. You get paid for the work you put in, even if we don't end up hiring you.

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Unito is committed to equal employment opportunity for all employees and to providing its team members with a healthy (equitable, fair, unbiased) work environment. We highly value diversity in all aspects.


Unfortunately, this role is now closed

Unito was created to integrate disparate SaaS applications, enabling workflows that cross the boundaries of tools, teams, and organizations

Our Working week

We allow all employees the chance to work 4 days per week (80% salary & benefits, while retaining full health coverage)

Our 4 day week = any day off

Our Vacation Policy

4 weeks of vacation (3 weeks + holiday season)

  • 20 days PTO
  • 52 unpaid days
  • 72 days off per year

We work hybrid remote

We offer remote working (but require some time in the office) and are a team of 109 and mostly based in Canada.

Our Benefits

  • Health insurance
  • Transparent Salaries
  • Flexible working hours

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