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About: Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the world’s #1 online Bootcamp provider, enabling learners around the globe with rigorous and highly specialized training offered in partnership with world-renowned universities and leading corporations. We focus on emerging technologies and skills, such as data science, cloud computing, programming, and more — that are transforming the global economy. Our training is hands-on and immersive, including live virtual classes, integrated labs and projects, 24x7 support, and a collaborative learning environment. Over two million professionals and 2000 corporate training organizations across 150 countries have harnessed our award-winning programs to achieve their career and business goals.

Simplilearn has collaborated with Fullstack Academy to leverage its widespread footprint in the US region and partnerships with Top US universities to grow internationally.


As an Instructor at Simplilearn, you'll scale your impact as a cloud service professional by training the next generation of professionals. You’ll create dynamic learning experiences through deployment of instructional best practices that are student-centered and designed to meet the needs of adult learners. You’ll facilitate lessons from the curriculum and will serve as subject matter expert to students. You will support students through exercises designed to build knowledge and skills and promote grit, problem-solving and a collaborative learning community. Ultimately, you will prepare students for the next chapter in their lives as they seek employment in the field of Data science.

This is a part-time, remote role, as classes at Simplilearn are delivered synchronously and are 100% online. A cohort runs for around 7 months of instruction, meets on weekday evenings( Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM PST. The total weekly part-time commitment is expected to be 9-12 hours.


In this role, you will:

  • Create a positive, professional and inclusive learning environment, by:
    • Teaching select lessons in accordance with learning objectives and fidelity to session plans provided by simplilearn
    • Employing strategies known to meet the needs of adult learners, including leveraging tech tools, instructional best practices and connecting content to the real world by sharing industry insights and professional experiences
    • Managing regular communication with students to align on progress, expectations, celebrate milestones and address concern areas
    • Providing individualized student support during synchronous class sessions and outside class synchronously during office hours and asynchronously through timely communication
  • Evaluate student performance and progression toward competencies based on course deliverables and course rubrics, by:
    • Providing constructive and timely feedback to students in the cohort
    • Assisting in the management of Performance Action Plans for individual students who need additional support
  • Serve as role model for students and as an ambassador for our brand, by:
    • Exhibiting professionalism and an ethical and empathetic approach when engaging with simplilearn staff, students, and the public
    • Promoting student retention and amplify student satisfaction by creating a positive classroom culture for the Learning Team, communicating timely with students and leveraging effective interventions and sharing of resources
    • Encouraging teamwork and seek feedback for continuous improvement


You are a great candidate for this role is you have:

  • 2+ years of experience in the field of cloud services
  • Good knowledge of AWS applications and architecture
  • Good knowledge of Azure fundamentals
  • Good knowledge of designing infrastructure solutions on Azure
  • A passion for teaching and an ability to explain complex technical concepts
  • A history of choosing a path of integrity
  • Excellent written and verbal skills

Equal Pay For Equal Work Act disclosure:

The expected compensation for this role for candidates from Colorado is $40-43 per hour for candidates who fulfill the qualifications for the role. Candidates whose qualifications are above those listed are encouraged to apply as well. All final offers to candidates will be based on that candidate's unique experience and skillset, and not all candidates will qualify for the top of the salary range.



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