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Ever wanted to get a taste of thestartupworld but still be involved in construction and improving the industry? Read on!


We are Laminar Projects!

If you have already heard about us, you are probablyreading this because you are tired of the typical old fashioned andchaoticways of doing things in construction.

But in case you haven’t: we are a Construction Consultancy & Tech Startup Hybrid!

We help construction projectsoptimizetheir project management as a consultancy and then we use our revenues to develop our own software products.We do things the Laminar Way, that is, we bring control and clarity to projects by implementing pragmatic solutions using a mix of latest technology,our ownprocesses,and a big dose of common sense.

Our vision is simple: We exist so that everyone in our team can work in a community that:

  • Connects us withmeaningful relationships
  • Inspires us to develop ourselves to become better humans
  • Empowers us to learn new things just for the fun of it

So, at this point you might be asking what makes us different from otheropportunities you might be looking at. Here are a couple of pointers to answer that question:

  • Wearen'tacompany;we are a team.We thrive on being a growingstartup, with a dynamiccultureanda tight-knit team.Our leaders are more like coachesand one of our mainobjectivesis to give 5 years’worth of learning and development for every 1 year with us.
  • Gain diverse experienceby working on projectsofall sizes.You’llget exposure to multiple projects including flagship projects such as High-Tech manufacturing plants, High-Speed Rail, Hospitals, Nuclear, or Hyperscale datacentresfor tech giants.
  • 100% of our profits go into R&D projects, including developing our own platformtodigitizeconstruction projectmanagement.Ifthere’san inner tech-y vein pulsing by now, this is the place to be!
  • Fast and transparent progressionbased on ourdevelopmentmatrix. This means that ourroles andsalaries are purely meritocratic, focusing on capability over experience. So, if you have the skills to hop to the next level,you willget reviewed and promoted, simple as that. And if youdon’thave the skillsyet, you can learn them with us.

We see digital as a critical component to improving productivity on these projects and so we work with construction organizations to transform how they use data and technology. Our multi-disciplined team is made up of industry experienced civil and software engineers, that provide an end-to-end digital transformation service, from problem definition to solution implementation.


The Role

We are currently looking for top-notchSoftware Engineersto join our team. As a dynamic and tech-driven startup, curiosity and ingenuity are two of the main traits that we love about our applicants!

What makes this role interesting is the complexity of the environment in which we operate and the focus on translating the chaos of a construction project into clarity for the diverse group of people who work on the projects. Our forward deployed software engineers work with construction experts to not only build solutions for the immediate problems but also to generate repeatable and re-deployable code that can be productized. You will be working across both our consultancy and our product teams.

As a cutting-edge team who are filled with construction and software experts actively making our industry work better, you will be working in one of the most exciting parts of our business: that is: deliver top notch digital solutions to construction customers who struggle implementing these projects themselves, whilst discovering potential features to be developed on our own SaaS platform. Although you will be engaging a lot with client teams, you also have the benefit of being totally connected to the platform team for mentorship and development, code review and technical and infrastructure support. This role is ideal for someone who wants to test and flex their technical skills with best practice, while getting a strong, hands-on introduction to the industry you will help to change.

As a Forward Deployed Software Engineer at Laminar you will:

  • Partner with our clients to understand their needs and build impactful analytics solutions
  • Map data fields to the hypothesis, curate, wrangle and prepare data to be used in analytics models
  • Contribute to cross-functional problem-solving sessions with your team and deliver presentations to colleagues and clients
  • Selecting and integrating any data tools and frameworks required to provide requested capabilities
  • Design and build data pipelines to support data analytics projects
  • Monitoring performance and advising any necessary infrastructure changes
  • Implementing ETL process
  • Ensure information security standards are maintained at all time
  • Deliver presentations, gather information, or share knowledge with our team and our clients
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to business development projects, helping us to develop our service
  • Work with our product team to turn code for clients into re-deployable code

For this role, an ideal candidate would be great at:

  • Confirmed experience designing and building data pipelines.
  • Demonstrated ability to continuously learn, work independently, and make decisions with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work effectively in teams of technical and non-technical individuals, defining new features and helping with priorities
  • Communicating and documenting your decisions and what you’ve built
  • Following the latest software engineering principles and best practices
  • Understanding of how technical decisions impact the user of what you’re building
  • The knowledge of database relational model, proficiency with SQL
  • Produce technical diagrams using UML
  • Setting up and perform ETL processes using a variety of tools. Produce testable code and maintainable data queries.
  • Ability to write clean and robust code in Python, JavaScript. C# or similar languages
  • Familiarity with data structures, storage systems, cloud infrastructure, modern OSS, REST API and container technologies.
  • Experience with front-end web development
  • Setting up and developing on Azure (or other cloud services)
  • Degree educated in fields such as Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or equivalent experience

It also would be fantastic if you:

  • Previous commercial experience in a data-driven role
  • Commercial client-facing or senior stakeholder management experience
  • Experience in a consultancy environment
  • Experience preparing data for analytics and following a data science process
  • Identifying bottlenecks, using tools to diagnose issues
  • Experience participating in workshops to identify and define user requirements
  • REST API development with C# and .NET Core
  • Expertise in PostgreSQL and/or T-SQL

If you don t think you meet all the criteria below but still are interested in the job, please apply! Nobody checks every box, and we re looking for someone excited to join the team!


Salary and Benefits

  • Full time contract, with fully flexible hours
  • Performance-related salary. ForForward Deployed Software Engineers,base salary would start between £40kand £75k(depending on the level) plus Health Insurance and NEST pension scheme.
  • Leadership and sales bonuses
  • 5% - 10% annual bonus in equity depending on level
  • You will be supported to excel in whichever areas you are most interested in!With Laminar, development is unbounded.



In terms of application, we usually start with a screening call to tell you whatwe areall about in a small, casual conversation. That helps you to know us a bit better and tell us a bit about yourself.

We then have a technical interview and a presentation exercise, depending on the level shown. From there on,it isdown to the offer stage.

Usually, we try to make the process as smooth as possible by ensuring we would get back to you in a maximum of two weeks.



We get hundreds of applications soplease include a short summary/cover letter explaining why you want to join us and what you think you bring to the team -We aren't a giant facelesscorporation;we really care about the people who want to join our team so all letters will be read by one of the Partners.


We are bringing our collective experience together to build the digital backbone of a construction organisation, app by app.

Working week

We work 4 days per week (32hrs). Pick which day you'd like off, or even switch from week to week (e.g. 3 days followed by 5 days). Most staff are off on a Friday

  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • 🏖️


Our vacation policy is 20 days

  • 20 days
  • 52 Fridays
  • 72 days off per year

We are 100% Remote

We are a team of 60 and growing Our team works from:

  • London, UK
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Philippines
  • Birmingham, UK
  • Porto, Portugal

Other benefits

  • Health insurance
  • Transparent Salaries
  • Flexible working hours
  • Generous parental leave