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Unfortunately, this role is now closed

In a nutshell

We’ve built a great product serving a rapidly expanding market and we need you to help us get the word out. An incredible opportunity for a hands-on leader to build our marketing function.

Who we are

UsabilityHub is a remote UX research platform that helps organisations deliver products that perfectly fit their customers’ needs. We empower designers to engage directly with users and get rich feedback, quickly and easily. We’ve been championing human-centred design practices for over 10 years with big and small customers including Asana, Google, Metalab, UsTwo, Unilever and Zendesk.

Our product is loved by our users, and our growth to date has been mainly via in-bound organic traffic driven by word of mouth. We’re ripe for a smart, results driven marketing leader to come in, build the function and help us supercharge our growth. As the market for user research is hotting up, we need your help to ride the wave and grab hold of our product’s potential.

Who you are

  • You enjoy being hands-on and getting things executed. For you the real fun starts when you release an idea, campaign or concept into the market and get to see how it lands. You’re deeply curious and interested in how things work. You use prototyping, testing and iterating to find the best ways to reach an audience and bring them into our community.
  • You’re an experienced leader who enjoys building teams. You love finding talented people and then unlocking their potential so they can do the best work of their lives.
  • You’re a strategic thinker. You love to connect the dots and make sure that all your marketing efforts are supporting each other to produce highly leveraged results. You can see how all the different channels play together, and you get a kick out of making the whole system sing.
  • You are analytical and results focussed. You love collecting and analysing the evidence to see what’s working, what needs a tweak, and what was a cool idea that just didn’t cut it. You’re courageous enough to try new things, and humble enough to kill something that’s not working.

Some things you might have done

  • To-date you’ve likely had an interesting and varied career which has allowed you to develop a broad and deep marketing skillset.
  • You might not be a specialist in everything, but you’ve had enough experience to understand the pros and cons of different strategies, channels and approaches in digital, content and product marketing as well as community building.
  • You’ve probably done a fair bit of digital and product marketing in your travels, and you’re comfortable with SEO, SEM, PPC, email, and social media marketing. You understand what works, where and why, and you’re able to connect that knowledge up with an understanding of the user research market, and UsabilityHub’s customer base to figure out our best strategy.
  • You’ve more than likely had experience across geographies, figuring out how to adapt your strategies to suit different markets. Maybe you’ve also worked closely with a CX function - using their close connection to customers to understand what customers care about, what drives them, and how to use that information to inform your campaigns.
  • And you’ve built and lead teams before. You’re comfortable leading specialists in a range of marketing disciplines, and you’re experienced enough to be able to get the ball rolling while you’re waiting for the perfect candidate to appear. Perhaps you’ve also managed external agencies, freelancers or contractors to bring in special skills when you’ve needed it; or to bolster capacity when things get super busy.

Picture yourself in the role

If you were here for this month, you would have:

  • Facilitated a workshop to refine our core customer personas, their needs, and how we could develop our presence as thought leaders in these areas.
  • Met with our Sales and Product teams, working closely with our Director of Sales (Andrew) and CPO (Tristan) to prioritise which low hanging fruit we could pick to support our sales team in the short to medium term.
  • Met with Mateja (our CEO) to further develop the vision for the company, thinking through how we can develop our brand to support the vision and creating a long term marketing strategy that will build over time.
  • Contributed to building the UsabilityHub brand by speaking at a conference, podcast or guest writing a blog post (and your personal brand in the process).
  • Worked with Shelley (our Director of P&C) on designing your team, benchmarking candidates and strategising employer branding campaigns.
  • Worked with our product team to develop a case study on a recent piece of research we’ve conducted, then planned how to leverage this case study as part of a campaign to support our community to conduct better research.
  • Had a meeting with our Senior Content Marketer to review the product campaigns they’ve worked on this quarter, looking at what was successful, and using that to build out a plan for the upcoming quarter.
  • Drafted a better approach to measuring and reporting on the performance of our marketing efforts, working closely with the leadership team to ensure your reporting will give them the insights they need to inform their own work.
  • Worked with the leadership team to review and further develop the company strategy - making sure that marketing, sales, and product strategies are all knitting together to create a cohesive plan.


This role is open to candidates living anywhere with at least 6 hours of overlap with business hours for our Melbourne office.

Perks and benefits

  • A work life balance that fits your needs. Team members can choose between 4 day work weeks, 9 day fortnights or full time hours.
  • A share in our success. All team members get a percentage of profits every quarter and a meaningful equity stake in the business.
  • Generous parental leave. We support growing families with 14 weeks of fully paid leave for primary carers and 6 weeks for secondary carers.
  • An investment in your development. We offer AU$1,500 per year for you to spend on books, courses and events along with 6 paid Level Up days.
  • Everything you need to do your best work. Whether you’re working from home, a co-working space or our office, we’ll cover your gear, office rent and furniture.
  • Access to individual executive coaching with an independent coach.

Keen to apply?

Please upload your resume (or Linkedin profile) and a cover letter that addresses these three questions:

  1. Considering our market and audience, where do you feel the biggest opportunities might lie for UsabilityHub?
  2. Tell us about your biggest marketing win? What makes this so significant for you?
  3. What’s something you’ve learned recently that changed the way you think about your work? What convinced you?
Unfortunately, this role is now closed

UsabilityHub is a remote user research platform that takes the guesswork out of design decisions.

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  • Flexible working hours
  • Generous parental leave

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