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We offer fully remote working within the UK

Posted 7 months ago

⚠️ You'll be automatically rejected if you can't work from UK

The PR executive role is a junior role in the PR department suitable for PR people with up to 1 years experience at an agency or in-house.

This is a remote role requiring you to work from home.


The executive role is a delivery role, primarily around driving results from our PR campaigns.

You will also be expected to do things like:

  • find prospective journalists that fit our creative brief
  • find their email and social account information
  • create a relationship with them and email them with ideas
  • be able to write cogently perfect fluent english
  • pitch into creative ideation sessions with the creative team to come up with cool concepts and ideas for campaigns
  • support the data team in order to find interesting data points to supplement the press releases
  • keep up to date with industry news and trends that we can use in client campaigns
  • report to the consultants the coverage that has been achieved

This role is a hands on role that will be balanced with intensive training and development to get you to specialise within the PR department into the many roles that we have on offer.

This role will be partially client facing. This means you should be confident communicating abstract ideas to clients and "selling in" new concepts to them to support your campaign ideas.

Skills You should be expert with

  • Managing emails and using things like mail merge
  • Learning new things and being open to new ideas

You should be intermediate with

  • Excel & Google Sheets Formulas
  • Writing press releases

You should have a basic understanding of

  • Data Journalism
  • How newsrooms work
Type A

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Our Working Week

We offer fully remote working within the UK

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Our Remote Working Policy

We work fully remotely and are a team of 15 and mostly based in UK.

Our Employee Benefits

  • Flexible working hours

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