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EdX is a Massachusetts-based open-source E-learning platform that offers free online degree programs in disciplines such as arts, engineering, and business management.

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edX, part of 2U Inc., works with respected universities and organizations to deliver innovative, skills-based training to a community of over 45 million learners around the world to support them at every stage of their lives and careers. edX delivers boot camps through an immersive learning experience with expert services and valuable resources. As of 2021, graduates have been hired by 6,700+ companies, including more than 62% of the Fortune 100.

\*\*\*Internal and External Candidates must be authorized to work in the US or Canada to qualify for a Central Support Role\*\*\*

Before starting, please make sure you know the name and email address of the person who provided this link to you.  You'll need to provide that information below.

We believe learning a new skill, in any of our programs, should be exciting and engaging — and that extends beyond the classroom.

Are you an experienced industry professional who is passionate about education and making an impact? Do you love empowering others to find life-changing opportunities? Can you dedicate 1-29 hours, weekly to assist student(s)? Then one of our Central Support roles may be the position for you!

Below you will find a brief overview of each role with more detail to follow once you are scheduled for a phone conversation with a recruiter.

Our Tutors support students enrolled in University Bootcamps across the globe by meeting 1:1 with student/s in Zoom(schedule based on need/availability) to provide support in the following areas:

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Data Visualization/Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • UX/UI
  • Financial Technologies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Technology Project Management

Our Learning Assistants support students enrolled in University Bootcamps across the globe via Slack and on a structured schedule(multi shift options to choose from) focused in the following areas:

  • Cyber Security
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Data Visualization/Analytics
  • Financial Technologies

Our Graders support students in University Bootcamps across the globe by providing students with assignment grades and feedback that is detailed, clear, and supports the journey of learning(flexible schedule) in the following areas:

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Data Visualization/Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Financial Technologies

Skills & Requirements

  • At least 6 months of experience related to the program you wish to interview for (some roles will require more than 6 months experience)
  • Some familiarity with most or all of the program technologies listed above for your program of choice
  • Must have excellent Time-Management
  • Stable internet connection required
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • This is a remote part time position (W2 based employment)\*\*\*must be authorized to work in the U.S. or Canada\*\*\*

Next Steps after completing this application:

  • A recruiter will reach out to discuss the role(s), schedules, and next steps
  • Instructors and Teaching Assistants who are currently active are automatically qualified for Central Support Roles and a recruiter will reach out with next steps

Other Perks:

  • Hone your own skills by teaching and mentoring others
  • Gain access to thousands of tech professionals around the globe that make up our instructional staff network

Program Curriculum in more detail:

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Front-end programming languages and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Handlebars (or any templating framework), ReactJS
  • Working with databases, server-side languages and libraries like MongoDB, MySQL, Node, Express and ORMs
  • Version control (Git, Github) and deployment servers such as Heroku
  • Data Visualization/Analytics
  • Advanced Statistics with Data Analytics with Microsoft Excel and Python, Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib
  • Databases like SQL and MongoDB
  • Data Visualization using Javascript, D3, or Tableau
  • Hadoop and Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • Networking with packet analysis, wireshark, router and switch configuration
  • Systems with Windows and Linux
  • Cybersecurity with secure network design and architecture, vulnerability assessment, and cryptography
  • Ethical Hack and Penetration with Kali Linux, Metasploit, or Burp Suite
  • Programming and Scripting with Python Program and Bash Scripting
  • UX/UI
    • User-Centric Design Research, Information Architecture and Flow, User Need Identification, User Experience Interviewing, Proto-Personas, and Insight Synthesis
    • Visual Prototyping and Wireframing using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Keynote, Storyboarding, Decision Mapping and Decision Flow Diagrams
    • User Interface Development employing Atomic Design, UI Grids and Composition, Color Theory, Heuristic Metric Creation, Typographic Theory, Interaction Design anIconography
    • Web Prototyping and Development Languages HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Financial Technologies
    • Financial Fundamentals in Time-Series Analysis, Financial Ratios, and Financial Analysis
    • Python 3, Pandas, MAtplotlib, API Interactions, and JupyterLab
    • Financial libraries and Tools like NumPy, SciPy, and Quantopian
    • Execution Algorithms, Monte Carlo Simulations, Risk-Data Aggregation, Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Modern Portfolio Theory, and Logistic Regression
    • Machine Learning using Algorithmic Trading, Random Forests, k-Nearest Neighbor (kNN), Support ZVector Machines (SVM), Linear Regression, and Scikit-learn
    • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experience in Solidity, Ethereum, Consensus Algorithms, Transactions, Validation, Distributed Ledger, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and Mining
  • Digital Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy using Brand Strategy, Brand Building, Campaign Development, Lead Generation, Conversion Funnels, Marketing Metrics, Marketing Optimization, Product/Market Fit
    • Digital Advertising with Pay-Per-Click, Budgeting, Paid/Organic Search, Google Keyword Planner, Google Ads, Retargeting, Audience Building, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, and Native Advertising
    • Web Analytics and Design with Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Social Media Platforms, Topic Clusters andPillar Pages, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Content
    • Email Marketing and CRM Software like Salesforce, MailChimp, and Reporting / Dashboarding software like Tableau.
  • Product Management
    • GSuite, Google Analytics, Miro, JIRA, ProductPlan, Optimizely, Balsamiq, Invision, Trello, SQL, Tableau
  • Technology Project Management
    • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Business Requirements Documents (BRDs), Testing / Code Review, Scrum Framework, PMI Framework
    • GSuite, MS Project, Jira, Smartsheets, Asana, Basecamp, LucidChart, Wrike, Monday

Additional information here.

Hourly salary only: The anticipated hourly salary for this role is ($20/hr). Note: The final compensation for this position may consider factors including the geographic location where the work is performed (candidate’s assigned office) and prior work experience of the candidate

\*2U Diversity and Inclusion Statement\*

At 2U, we are committed to building and sustaining a culture of belonging, respect, and inclusion. We are proud of the steps we’ve taken to bring together an employee base that embodies diverse walks of life, ideas, genders, ages, races, cultures, sexual orientations, abilities and other unique qualities. We strive to offer a workplace where every employee feels empowered by what makes us different, as well as by how we are alike.

2U is committed to providing reasonable accommodations during our recruitment process. If you need assistance or accommodations, please reach out to us at: [email protected].

\*You must apply in your FULL LEGAL NAME\* Your full legal name must be the EXACT name and spelling as listed on your government issued ID Card, birth certificate, name change order, adoption decree, naturalization or immigration documentation. Initials are not acceptable unless initials are part of your full legal name.

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