Wordwall creates engaging and interactive activities that connects to boards and mobile devices to aid pupil progress.

  • 4 days @ 80% salary

Wordwall.net allows teachers to create interactive games and printed materials for their students. Teachers simply enter the content they want and we automate the rest.

Our mission is to make it easy for teachers to create interactive games and worksheets for their students. Our site automates the process of resource design, so teachers can simply enter the content that is appropriate for their class – a list of keywords, definitions, questions or images. Wordwall produces the content in over 60 different templates; for example, gameshow quizzes, crosswords, labelled diagrams and arcade games. It seeks to disrupt the publisher-driven model of paid-for “professionally” made educational content, by putting high-quality content creation in the hands of teachers and making that teacher-made content, freely accessible through our online community.

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We support flexible working arrangements - full or part time.


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We work fully remotely and mostly based in UK.