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Developers deserve purpose-built tools.

Look, it's not terrible pairing with Zoom.

But it wasn't built for the highly-interactive process of remote pairing; a world where you want mouse cursors for all participants and high-fidelity remote control (like Command+Tab support).

With something like Slack Calls, not having remote control ought to be a deal-breaker. Dictating code to your pair token by token is a total antipattern. Google Meet has similar issues.

Also, if you’re going to type on a remote machine, the connection has to be low-latency. This is the sort of thing that generic screen sharing tools just don’t care much about.

When we couldn't find a tool we loved, the three of us (Ben, Joel, and Spencer) quit our cushy dev jobs, started living off our savings, and dove into the problem full-time.

It's been a ton of work, but we finally have something we've always wanted: a fast, lightweight tool built for nitpicky developers like ourselves. One that sweats the details programmers care about like efficient CPU usage, no UI chrome, and a 5K-quality video stream. A tool that fades into the background and lets you focus on being a great pair.

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