Better Decisions Faster, Without Meetings.

  • 4 days or 5 shorter days
  • 100% remote

Who we are

Hoop’s mission is to help teams work better asynchronously, first by empowering teams to make better decisions faster without meetings.

Hoop app

Though there’s a whole field of research around decision science, most teams are stuck without tooling or processes to help with decision making. This results in tons of meetings and even more ambiguity. Hoop helps teams bring clarity to decision making, empowering them to surface, discuss, and make decisions asynchronously, all while using existing tools.

Our Culture

We’re on a personal mission to prove to the world that you can build a world class software business where employees have rich, meaningful lives outside of work that make them happier, more fulfilled, and more productive at work.

More about Hoop:

  • Reduced workweek. 4 days or 5 shorter days.
  • Remotely distributed (within the US)
  • Mostly asynchronous, with meaningful sync time for collaboration
  • Focused on excellence in craft
  • We’re a team of ambitious, high achievers who are masters in our crafts and take immense pride in our work. 0 We’ve built a remotely distributed team previously in executive roles at Trello, and we believe the next step forward is asynchronous work.

Open positions

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Hoop overview

Working Week

We offer a shorter work week: 4 days or 5 shorter days

Our 4 day week = any day off


Top 5
88 / 100
  • +524 days or 5 shorter days
  • +11100% remote
  • +5Good vacation policy
  • +5Healthcare coverage
  • +15And much more...

Our working Day

  • 5am
    Work between
  • 9am
    Typical hours

Remote Working Policy

We are remotely distributed (within the US) and work mostly asynchronous, with meaningful sync time for collaboration

Our Team

We're a team of 6 across 2 departments:

  • entrepreneurship
  • engineering

Expect to be working with

  • Amazon AWS
  • FullStory
  • Google Apps
  • IoT
  • Remote
  • SharePoint
  • WordPress.org
  • + many more

Company Benefits

  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) company contribution
  • Dentalcare
  • Equipment allowance

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