35 Working from Home Memes every Remote Worker can relate to

Now that many of us are over a year deep in the work-from-home game, let’s take a look at the most relatable working from home memes for 2022. After all, we all need a little bit of (work from home) humour to deal with the very best and worst things around remote work.

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25 Nov, 2021

35 Working from Home Memes every Remote Worker can relate to

Working from home: you either love it or you hate it, but for many of us remote workers, it is now a way of life that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

For those of us who were used to the strict regimen and run-around of a daily commute, the additional time afforded can initially feel like nirvana has come at last; multiple extra hours of the day were suddenly unlocked, and we were the key-bearers (for once). An endless time continuum of video meetings then ensued on a daily basis.

For the remote worker veterans in the work-from-home game, they looked on at us with a knowing smile, for they could see that those back-to-back bake sessions of banana bread would soon cease, but that the video meetings in underwear-as-outerwear-from-the-waist-down would forever stay.

For most people though, eventually you'll end up loving the extra flexibility and freedom that teleworking offers. If you still don't enjoy working remotely after a few months, maybe you need to make some changes such as:

  • Establishing time boundaries between work and home life
  • Disabling social media and phone notifications
  • Adopting the Pomodoro technique
  • Improving your home office
  • Decluttering your desk
  • Improving your diet

Now that many of us are over a year deep in the work-from-home game, let’s take a look at the most relatable working from home memes for 2022. After all, we all need a little bit of (work from home) humour to deal with the very best and worst things around teleworking.

1. Getting your fitness ready

And so we begin with the first telework meme… huzzah! A new era where lunchbreaks are no longer spent huddled in bathroom stalls, scrolling remote work memes on your phone, but instead, that old workout DVD is dusted off, the YouTube section of workout videos is explored like an endless treasure trove that will enable you to become not just a remote worker, but a fitness-forward remote worker.

2. Productivity when working from home

As time goes on, you start to spend less of your time working out, and more of your time… actually working?! You manage to crack the code, and work smarter, not harder - and your skillset is flying. This working from home meme shows just that.

3. When you love working from home so much...

...And we don’t blame him.

4. Remote work → more family time

If you’re a parent, let’s be honest. This remote work meme shows our favorite aspect of working from home… more time with the kids!

5. When working from home actually means...more work

But those extra busy days are still hitting pretty hard. Remote work is not all sunshines and rainbows, and this telework meme shows just that.

6. When remote work is now the norm

We don’t mind, because remote working is the future. Much like the 4-day working week. We sometimes have to pinch ourselves to believe that we’re actually working from home, and it’s awesome.

7. Quick outfit change

When you’re a seasoned remote worker, you learn the art of the Superman speed change. Only the home office space is our telephone booth.

8. When the urge to procrastinate hits

You gotta get out of that rut!

9. Saturday Zoom meetings

Ah, the Saturday Zoom meeting – the most unholy of all remote worker conquests. But let’s manage this with a bit of work from home humor.

10. Guten morgen, team!

But it’s okay, because the ‘disable camera’ button exists and is ready to lend a hand, as you finish your morning yoga session.

11. Beer time at work

Then a brief stint in alcoholism, because sometimes just being able to do it is enough to make it right. No more waiting until 3 PM for the beer taps at WeWork to work!!!

12. Beer time

The novelty behind being able to drink at work wears off after a certain amount of time… but it still has not, so beers, it is.

13. Your bed is multipurpose

And pyjamas become part of your daily working attire.

14. Time for self-care

Don’t you just love it when you whizz through a task and not have to sit in a small office cubicle until the end of the workday? In this working from home meme, the dog is us. We are the dog.

When chatter about a 50% in-office working week begins to emerge, you start panic-scrolling at alternative work from home jobs. This freedom feels too darn good and you’re not ready to give up on it! A great place to start looking for remote tech jobs is our job platform.

15. Top of the pyramid

Why would we give it up when it’s proven that those who work remotely have higher income, education and better health? Those who reported themselves to be in great health were more than twice as likely to be remote workers.

16. Productivity level: Over 9000 Part II

When evidence from Stanford suggests a 13% raise in productivity when people are remote working, we know working from home is where it’s at. Isn’t this working from home meme just telling straight facts!?

17. Another Zoom-related work from home humor

Because this is what freedom looks like in 2022.

18. Remote work gives you wings

It’s the ultimate flex.

19. Nap time

Our body is a temple, and our temple says it isn’t ready to give up the 8+ hour night of sleep. Our doctors agree. This telework meme just goes to show why remote work is here to stay: longer sleep times results in more effective, higher quality work.

20. But some of us don’t manage our time well

But it’s true to say that even a lot sometimes never feels enough, especially when you found a new teleworking meme goldmine at 2 AM… like this article.

21. Taking control of your health

We’ve taken control of our diet and fitness like never before and these workout vids have us knowing our inch-wormers from our deadlifts.

22. Working from home, or working from bed, amirite?

But despite our efforts to look at our best, on the days when a blanket and a robe is the only option, ‘camera off’ button failure is at some point inevitable, leaving our colleagues wondering about our brown robe Jedi-chic.

23. Work in a way that suits you

Because whichever way we manage to get it done is the best way for us.

24. When you get assigned the wrong task

Sometimes, async work can go awry, and we get assigned the wrong tasks.

But we also know that for us, working from home helps us to manage those more stressful moments when things go wrong at work, allowing us to take a breather, go for a run, or cry into our cat (whatever works best, we’re not judging). More about the health benefits of working from home here.

25. Time is money

All of our new-found knowledge and enlightenment on the subject can want to spill out… sometimes at our boss.

26. Work from home brain

We are a well of work from home knowledge, and we’re ready to tell the world.

27. Working from home can be less stressful

For example, 75% of people in a recent survey said that they found that remote work could help to “reduce stress and improve productivity by reducing distractions during the work day” with over two-thirds also saying that it would help them to reduce being interrupted from colleagues and to keep them safe from work politics – count us in!

28. Pushup royalty

The full-timers in the office must learn about what it is like to exist in this new realm of weekday ‘free time,’ which is basically whenever your Pomodoro timer gives you that 5 minutes of break.

What better way to spend those 5 minutes than to clear your living room or do pushups! Win-win.

29. Those freaking haters

Like all groups bound by greatness, sometimes not everyone understands us – and sometimes those people can be our closest former allies.

30. Uber productivity

Productivity, thy name is <insert your own name here>.

31. Those watercooler chats...

No, Karen, I don’t want to go back to people asking me about what I think of how Larry just spoke to Paul and 5-minute chats by the water cooler being the highlight of my day – I AM EVOLVED NOW.

32. Nap time again

This is probably in part to do with the fact that some of us are presently having more naps than we did when we were 4 years old.

33. Work at your own time

Because some of us are night owls, and that is a-ok!

34. Not to toot our own horn, but..

What if your team implemented a hybrid work structure? Maybe your employees will be as effective.

35. Busy day

Today has been busy, like - collapse on the floor busy.

36. Home office

Because let's be honest, our home office is more like a home office, bedroom and kitchen.

37. The future of work is remote

And secretly, they know we know the truth: working from home is the future.

Wrapping it up

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