Want a better work-life balance?

We list remote jobs with a 4 day work week (mostly 32hrs) with no reduction in salary.

  • 4.5 day week
  • $145k - 185k per year
  • Hybrid Remote, San Francisco (USA)
  • 4 x 8hr days
  • 100% salary
  • Hybrid Remote, Derby (UK)
  • Offers relocation

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1. Do these jobs pay less?
In almost all cases: no. The goal of the 4 day week movement is to reduce working hours without a drop in pay. Therefore, most jobs still offer a full time salary. Most of these companies used to work 5 days and recently switched to a 4 day work week without any changes to salary. In some cases we list jobs which are 4 days @ 80% salary, but these are clearly marked.
2. Am I still entitled to paid vacation / pension etc?
This varies from company to company but in the most cases, the benefits offered by these companies are exactly the same as any "normal" full time job. So you can expect to receive the usual perks e.g. health insurance, paid vacation, 401(k) match etc. Every four-day workweek company on our site includes their benefits package on their company profile, as well as on job listings.
3. How many hours per week are these four-day workweek jobs for?
All job listings are capped at a maximum of 36 hours per week. Most jobs are 32 hours per week, however, which is the typical definition of a "4 day work week" (i.e. four 8 hour days). The hours per week are clearly marked for each job listing. Sometimes companies will claim that they offer a 4 day work week, but actually it's just compressed hours (e.g. 40hrs in 4 days) - we don't list these companies. Our site only includes jobs with 4 "normal length" days.
4. Should I mention I'd like to work 4 days in my application?
It's not necessary but it's also not a bad idea to confirm this with the hiring manager. We do our best to keep all information up to date but in some cases it can be difficult to do so (e.g. if a company goes back to working 5 days without letting us know). If there are any issues do please get in touch and we will fix the company's details asap.
5. Am I lazy if I only work 4 days per week?
Definitely not. When Microsoft Japan tested a four-day work week, productivity jumped by 40%. Many studies have shown that a four day work week has similar output to a 5 day work week. In short, Fridays are slow -there's more chit chat, the lunches are longer, people leave early... If we give staff a extra day off, they are more productive during Monday to Thursday, which more than makes up for an unproductive Friday. So as the saying goes, you're "working smarter, not harder". Additionally, a 4 day work week offers many other benefits on top of productivity gains, to both employer and employee.
6. What companies offer a 4 day work week?
We've built a database of over 200 companies that offer a four-day workweek.
7. What are the pro's and con's of a 4 day work week?
A short working week offers many benefits to both employer and employee - too many to discuss. For more information, we recently wrote a blog describing the benefits and downsides to having a four-day workweek.
8. What are the working schedules for these 4 day week jobs?
It varies from company to company so we list the working schedules on all job posts (e.g. 4x8hr days). Most companies work 4x8hr days, whereas some work 4x9hr days and other 5x6hr days. The maximum job we'll list is for 36 hours per week. We recently wrote a blog describing the different four-day work week schedules, such as as "traditional" 4 day work week, those with compressed hours, Flex Fridays and more.
9. What countries offer a 4 day work week?
Most 4 day workweek companies are located in the United States, Canada and Europe. We recently analysed the locations of every four day workweek company we know of in a recent study. If you'd like to know more about the history of the 4 day week, we recently published a blog discussing it's rise to prominence. p.s. all of the jobs on our site offer remote working, and some are even open to you working from anywhere in the world. You can also filter for 4 day work week jobs in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Oceania.
10. Will a 4 day work week improve my work-life balance?
Almost certainly. Every four day workweek study that we know of has shown that a 4 day work week significantly improves work-life balance. It's not rocket science: a longer weekend = better rested employees. On the contrary, many people say that working for an exciting FAANG company is a solution to having a better work-life balance, but that's not always the case. Many employees at FAANG say they have a poor work-life balance. For example Product Managers at Amazon recently rated their work-life balace as a "D+".
11. Are there 4-day jobs available in every industry?
While a 4-day workweek is not prevalent in every industry, it's seeing an increase in various sectors. The most widespread adoption is in tech, digital agencies, game development, recruitment, climate and non-profit sectors. However, other industries are beginning to implement this change. You can see the full list of companies here - and here is a list of companies who took part in a recent UK pilot by industry.